The cost of gasoline on the Russian stock exchange fell to a minimum in two years

MOSCOW, 28 Sep — PRIME. The cost of AI-95 gasoline at the St. Petersburg International Commodity Exchange (SPIMEX) decreased by 14.4% in two weeks, falling below 40 thousand rubles per ton for the first time since the end of April 2020, according to trading data.

Russia for the second time in a month delivered fuel to Hungary for the Paks nuclear power plant

According to the territorial index of the European part of Russia, AI-95 gasoline has been getting cheaper every day for two weeks, on Wednesday its price dropped to 39,984 rubles per ton. The last time the quotes fell below this level was on April 27, 2020, when this brand was worth 39,704 rubles. AI-92 gasoline also became cheaper during this period every day and since September 14 it has lost 10.6%, its cost on Wednesday amounted to 38,859 rubles per ton.

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Diesel fuel during this time twice updated the historical price record. Its cost rose to the maximum on September 23, up to 58,151 rubles. At the same time, since September 14, it has fallen in price on the stock exchange by 1.8%, to 55,935 rubles per ton.

The price of fuel oil has almost halved in two weeks. If on September 14 this type of fuel cost 12,972 rubles, then on Wednesday, according to the results of the auction, its cost was 6,671 rubles per ton. Liquefied hydrocarbon gases (LHGs) fell in price by 34.1%, to 15,470 rubles per ton. At the same time, the cost of jet fuel remained almost unchanged, falling by 0.2% to 69,967 rubles per ton.

Exchange prices for fuel in Russia began to grow noticeably at the end of 2020; by the summer of 2021, the cost of its main types had updated historical records. Since February 2022, the cost of gasoline of the two most popular brands – AI-92 and AI-95 – has begun to actively decline. Experts attributed this to sanctions restrictions on the supply of oil and petroleum products to Western countries. The cost of diesel fuel on the stock exchange this year updated its record values ​​in two waves – in January and at the end of July.

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