Google Maps – without permission to download data, there will be no navigation

Google Maps - without permission to download data, there will be no navigation

Users of Google Maps for Android and iOS began to receive a prompt that will be required to continue using navigation. It is about consenting to the acquisition of navigation data. What is it actually about?

Google Maps asks for further data use

Google Maps users, both Android and iOS, started seeing a prompt in their app. The company informs in it that when navigating Google collects detailed information such as GPS location and route traveled. They are later used to share information such as traffic and traffic jams with others in real time. Location data has always been collected, but it is now clear what data will be used and what it will be used for. It is worth remembering here that they are not associated with our device or with a Google account. The data is anonymous.

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Source: 9to5google

The company is simply asking for the continued use of the navigation data. However, we also immediately get information about what will happen if we click the “Cancel” button. In this case, we will lose access to live navigation with voice prompts. The tips spoken so far will appear in the form of a list, which is definitely less convenient. So if we have not had a problem with the use of our anonymous data by Google so far, it is enough to agree and continue to use all navigation functionalities without any problems.