GTX 1080 Mining Profitability – Payback Period | Cryptocurrency

GTX 1080 Mining Profitability - Payback Period Cryptocurrency

GTX 1080 mining profitability – Geforce GTX 1080 Ti is currently the latest graphics chip released by Nvidia. The card represents the top segment of the GPU and is one of the most productive single-chip solutions. 1080 Ti is intended more for professional tasks, rather than for gaming, as it is positioned by the manufacturer. Let’s look at it in the mining of altcoins. After all, with 11 Gigabytes of GDDR5X on board, it should be the best solution even for a professional.

gtx 1080 mining profitability

But not all mining algorithms are equally optimized for the new video memory format, which can cause serious performance drawdowns. This is not what you expect from a card at the price of a powerful gaming PC. Graphics chip stream processors partly compensate for the problem, but let’s look at the whole situation in more detail.

Heshrayt using different mining algorithms

The card, worth $ 1200, was launched with a power of 250 W. It is worth noting that Founders Edition allows you to exceed the maximum threshold by 20% by running the card in 300 Volt mode. But this requires good cooling, so that your expensive purchase does not burn.

All tests were performed without overclocking and with the standard settings of the card, the rotational speed of the cooler was set to maximum. The ccMiner 2.0 RC2 program was used, with all the same standard settings. All algorithms supported by the miner were checked.

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As a result, Blakecoin and Blake2s performed best where the hashrate was 7521 and 6178 MH / s, respectively. At the same time TDP was 100%. Hashing powers and power consumption can vary greatly from algorithm to algorithm. But it is worth mentioning that algorithms that can overcome the TDP stock constraint can produce much better indicators.

CcMiner results

If you look in the long term, it is better to slightly reduce the load and work not at the limit of the TDP video card. After all, such a decision will save energy. Heshreyt does not fall much, and the video card will serve at times longer. You can compensate for the slight hash rate by connecting a cheaper GPU with overclocking, in SLI, to the GTX 1080 Ti.

The video card is the most expensive solution from the entire manufacturer’s line, but it gives the best performance. If we compare it with the closest analogue, then it is possible to mine by 1080 Ti almost two times faster than by 1070.

Here the question arises, why overpay and take the Ti-version, if the standard 1080 looks no worse? Ti gives approximately 700 Sol, while the standard 1080 gives out 510–520. At the same time, the difference in the cost of cards is on average $ 100–200, and in the output power almost one and a half times.

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1080 Ti overclocking

Not everyone wants to be content with standard power and many people are interested in how the video card will show itself at maximum overclocking. To mine on an overclocked video card is best with a good water cooling system and constant temperature control. The Founders Edition version is limited to one additional 8-pin power connector, which connects hands during acceleration.

From the “box” you will be able to get only 180 W from the video card, but if you correctly adjust the parameters in the drivers, the chip will produce 216 volts already. But more interesting is the overclocking potential, which in the new models from Nvidia has been raised to a completely new level, especially if you do not care about power consumption and other nuances of overclocking.

To experience the full potential, you need to wait until non-reference video cards based on 1080 and 1070 come out, using more efficient cooling systems and several auxiliary power connectors.

Now, with the use of Power Limit + 20%, reference models give +240 MH / s per chip and two times less for memory. But what is more important – there is no trotting and the video card is really able to work 24/7 in this mode in various algorithms, and its parameters will not sink. If you, of course, took care of a good dropsy.

1080 Ti overclocking

Video card payback – GTX 1080 mining profitability

Consider the speed with which the video card will pay off. It is enough to use a special calculator and set the cost and consumption of electricity, for example, 5.38 rubles kW / h for Moscow. The calculation will give the most profitable algorithms. As a result, we get the following data:

  • The cost of 1 kW / h take – 5.38 rubles.
  • For mining per month, you will receive 4.97 thousand rubles. The indicator may vary by 500-1000 rubles, depending on the service, currency and mining algorithms.
  • The cost of the video card is $ 1200. We divide the card value by the estimated earnings of thousands and get a payback period of 14 months.
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Consider that 1080 Ti participated in the calculations at the drain power and without overclocking.

If you organize water cooling, you can correctly overclock the frequency and plug in some unnecessary old video card in SLI, which slightly improves performance, the payback period can be reduced by 1.5-2 times.

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