Radeon RX 580: Review 2021 | Testing| Specs | Profit ( Good and Bad Side)

Radeon RX 580 Cryptocurrency Mining: Review 2021 | Testing: Specs | Profit | Hashrate | Settings | Setup| Configuration | CPU Performance: Rx 580 mining – Check out the specification, hashrate, profitability and the payback period of this miner as well as other critical information before buying. After the release of the Radeon RX 580 video card, the entire five hundredth series became one of the most profitable options, not only for gamers, but also for mining. Cards bought up immediately after their appearance in the store and the resulting shortage significantly influenced their price. 

The cost of the RX 580 even from the “cheapest” vendors has grown by at least 30-40%. This greatly increased the payback period of the video card and shaken the leading position of the video card.

Please note- The Review was done earlier than 2021 so their will be variation inters of the rate would earn when currency exchange is taken into consideration.

Specifications and power Radeon RX 580

Is the RX 580 the best and most promising choice for miners in 2018, and is it worth paying attention to this video card today when building a farm from scratch? In this article we will look at all the features, calculations and potential of the card for mining today and the future.

Specifications and power Radeon RX 580

First, let’s briefly review the technical characteristics of the card, which will help to understand its relevance for mining and a place in the top. There are two versions of the RX 580, 4 and 8 gigabytes of memory. For the rest of the characteristics, there are almost no differences between the cards, and the relevance of the “extra” 4 GB of memory will be considered in the following blocks.

  • Graphic Engine: AMD Radeon RX 580
  • Bus Standard: PCI Express 3.0
  • Video Memory: 8GB GDDR5
  • Engine Clock
  • 1380 MHz (OC Mode)
  • 1360 MHz (Gaming Mode)
  • Stream Processors: 2304
  • Memory Speed: 8 Gbps
  • Memory Interface: 192-bit
  • Resolution: Digital Max RTop 10 Questions Asked on Amazon Before Buying – Geforce GTX 1060esolution:7680×4320
  • Interface:
  • 1 x DVI-D
  • 2 x HDMI 2.0b
  • 2 x DisplayPort 1.4
  • HDCP Support: Yes
  • Maximum Display Support: 4
  • Software:ASUS GPU Tweak II 
  • Dimensions: 9.53 ” x 5.07 ” x 1.49 ” Inch
  • Recommended PSU: 500W
  • Power Connectors: 1 x 8-pin
  • Slot: 2 Slot
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If you take the most reference version of the RX 580 NITRO from Sapphire, then the characteristics will be as follows:

  • The core frequency is 1340 MHz for silent mode and 1411 MHz for maximum boost.
  • Memory – 8,192 GB with a 255-bit bus and a frequency of 2 MHz.
  • 225 watts peak power.

However, this is the most powerful map, which is dispersed from the factory to the maximum. Solutions from other vendors will have lower frequencies, and not only their overclocking potential will be important here, but also some of the manipulations associated with the firmware.

The cornerstone of mining is overclocking. In terms of importance, this criterion is second only to the price of the video card itself, which determines the payback and the ratio of income and investment. As is the case with other video cards, everything will depend on the memory manufacturer. In 2018, it was almost impossible to find even the top NITRO and Limited Edition solutions with Samsung memory.

Most of the cards come with Hynix memory, whose overclocking potential is significantly inferior, which will certainly affect the overall profit of the farm in mining. This indicator is not critical, but in the case of a possible choice, you should always give preference to Samsung video cards.

Top 10 Questions Asked on Amazon Before Buying – Radeon RX 580

Top 10 Questions Asked on Amazon Before Buying - Radeon RX 580
XFX Radeon RX 580 GTS XXX Edition 1386MHz OC+, 8GB GDDR5, VR Ready, Dual BIOS, 3xDP HDMI DVI, AMD Graphics Card (RX-580P8DFD6)

Question 1: What would this equal to a GeForce card?

Answer: Between 1060 and 1070

Question 2: Is this one could build in a mini case?

Answer: No, it barely fit in my mid-size NZXT with no modification needed

Question 3: Is it with upgrading my nvidia gtx 1050ti 4 gb gddr5 direct 12 graphics card you this one??

Answer: Yes, that’s what i had before too gtx 1050ti replaced with this XFX RX 580 GTS XXX

Question 4: Will the Radeon RX 580 card work with an msi h110m atx gaming motherboard?

Answer: Yes, all you need is a PCI-Express 3.0 x16 Slot, and be sure your PC case is big enough to support a GPU of this size.

Question 5: Can I play rainbow six siege with 8gb or 4gb?

Answer: That is something you need to find out. Look at the system requirements for the game. Easy Google search.

Question 6: It shows that this gpu needs 500 watt. I have a sonnet egfx breakaway box 550w with 80% efficient. it means it only have 440w. so can i use this gpu?

Answer: Yes. ( Customer Answered: I have a 750W PSU, the card causes random reboots, it is a terrible design that overloads the 8-pin rail. Check the internet for issues with this particular manufacturer.)

Question 7: Does this card come with free games?

Answer: It did, when purchased it

Question 8: Hey I am just worried , so I ordered nzxt mid tower and will this video card fit in??

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Answer: It, Should.

Question 9: The Radeon RX 580, is this card compatible with a dell xps 8700?

Answer: Sure it does, as long as you have a case that will fit the card.

Question 10: I have a ryzen 5 2400g will the rx 580 8gb be better than the gtx 1060 ti 3gb or 6gb for gaming?

Answer: I average 120 – 150 fps in rainbow 6 siege if that helps? that on 144hz monitor: ( Customer had this to says as well – The 580 would be a better match because it is around the gtx 1070 in performance.)

Best Review Posted on Amazon Before Buying – Radeon RX 580

Best Review Posted on Amazon Before Buying - Radeon RX 580
Best Review Posted on Amazon Before Buying – Radeon RX 580

Customer Review 1 of Radeon RX 580: This card can handle games(destiny, fortnite, Pubg…etc) at high FPS with no issues. The card does use more power than an nvidia card with similar specs and also creates more heat. But at the same time value for the spec is great. As a product I would give it 4 stars however, XFX’s warranty service is surprisingly easy and fast. My card broke after a year of use, so I registered the product on their site, I received a response within 24 hours. They troubleshooted and determined the card needs to be RMAed, I sent the card back and I received a new one within a week after they received the defective card. They didn’t even require the receipt(required by most companies) even though I had it. It’s amazing service compare to my PNY nvidia experience which was like pulling teeth. I will definitely buy more XFX products in the future.

Customer Review 2 of Radeon RX 580: Used to be a big Nvidia fan. Then, I started encountering problems with their drivers. Fine, rolled back my driver to an older version. Then, my GTX 970 stopped working after only 1 year of use. Fine, sent it in and received a refurbished one. The refurbished one now has the same issue.

Bought the XFX GTS RX 580 8GB DDR5. 0 driver issues. Card still works after a few months and puts out a better picture then my 970. I’ll update my review if something goes wrong but, for now, I’m extremely pleased with this card both in terms of performance and price. I’ll be all to happy to continue buying AMD in future.

Customer Review 3 of Radeon RX 580: Shipping arrive on time and before I got home, which is a first. A few things to note:

1: This is a fairly large GPU, if you don’t have a Full Tower, or an opened-air mobo, your mileage with fitting this thing in a Mid Tower WILL differ

2: My old GPU require two 6-pin, while this GPU required one 8-pin, you will either need an 8-pin or a 6+2 pin to connect your power supply to your GPU, if you don’t have a powersupply that you modify, well you will need a new one.

3: For the price, this GPU is very strong, even if it is only a rehash of the 480… and being a year old. It can still run newer titles like Monster Hunter: World without too many problems.

4: Price-wise, having to compete with cryto-miners may increase the price of this GPU from time to time… very annoying.

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5: This is a major update from my old HD 7950 (which still works for many games that are moderately intense and are new.)

Worst Review Posted on Amazon Before Buying – Radeon RX 580

Worst Review Posted on Amazon Before Buying - Radeon RX 580

Bad Customer Review of the Radeon RX 580 on Amazon: After about 2 months of having this card, it had fried itself. I was playing fallout when my computer crashed and upon trying to start it up, my USB keyboard and mouse would get power for their LED’s but the computer would not start, no fans would spin. A few days later I tried it again to which sparks shot out of my video card. It would have likely fried my whole computer if I hadn’t unplugged my power strip from the wall. I later tried another video card that a friend gave me to which I downloaded the drivers for and it worked pretty much fine. Very disappointed in this product as it nearly ruined my entire computer.

Bad Customer Review 2 of the Radeon RX 580 on Amazon: When playing intensive full screen games or benchmarks two of the three display ports have issues with intermittent black screens. Confirmed on TWO copies of this card (I bought one, it started doing it, exchanged the card for another, same exact issues). Have spent a decent amount of time doing all the normal troubleshooting (fresh install of Windows, clean and re-installation of AMD drivers, manually playing with the voltage and frequency of the card, etc).

Please note: In spite of the bad review by a few customers, we experience no such issues (not saying you won’t) but We would comfortably recommend this product for mining cryptocurrency based on our testing that will be continue below.

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How to increase the potential of the Radeon RX 580 in mining

Even in the case of good versions of the RX 580 (Pulse and others), the potential of the card out of the box can hardly be called incredible. If you look at the average power of the video card, excluding the top solutions with good factory overclocking, you can count on the following indicators:

  • Equihash – 302-310 SOL / s.
  • X11gost – 8.4-8.6 MH / s.
  • Daggerhashimoto – 26.1-26.8 MH / s.
  • Pascal – 0.85 GH / s.

The best solution for current maps from Radeon is Ethereum mining. It is during its mining that the maximum potential of the cards is revealed, therefore any trusses with the RX 500 series are usually collected for this critical currency. Mine others is impractical, it is a direct loss of profit.

Radeon RX 580 in mining

Initially, most of the 580s give from 18 to 22.5 MH / s without overclocking. Against the background of the possible 30-31 MH / s, which are sought by the owners of Radeon farms with the older model of the 500th series, the card mining capacity in the factory settings is not too high. However, a prerequisite for obtaining a better result is the BIOS firmware flashing. This can be called one of the conditional minuses of AMD cards, due to which some miners choose NVidia.

However, with a successful acceleration and reduction of energy consumption, the yield of the RX 580 will be quite high, especially with price increases and the overall attractiveness of Ethereum. Therefore, in the absence of sufficient knowledge, it is better to entrust the firmware to specialists. They will make it quickly and without risk to get the so-called “brick”, that is, a “dead” card without the possibility of returning it under warranty.

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After flashing, the average potential of video cards will increase from 18-22 MH / s to minimum 26.5 MH / s. And in the case of good memory and successful overclocking, it is quite possible to get 28-30 MH / s, in which the RX 580 becomes one of the best in terms of return on video cards. On average, experts recommend focusing on 10-15% acceleration on average. This is the best indicator in terms of temperature, energy consumption and output power in the production of cryptocurrency.

Choosing the best OS – Radeon Rx 580

Choosing the best OS - Radeon Rx 580

The correct choice of operating system can significantly simplify work with the farm and even reduce costs. In the confrontation of Windows and Linux for farms on the RX 580 usually choose the latest OS. Hive OS has several important advantages over Windows, the most significant of which are:

  • There is no limit on 8 video cards.
  • No need to face the difficult process of choosing the right drivers.
  • The OS was originally developed and adapted for mining.
  • Ability to work without monitors (using emulators).
  • No need to have an SSD or HDD, a regular 8-16 GB flash drive is sufficient.
  • WatchDog is built into the system, you do not need to pay extra for it (as is the case with Windows).
  • Easy setup and functional remote monitoring.
  • No need to buy an expensive license.
  • Telegram notifications in real time.

You also need to consider that in case of installation of pirated copies of Windows, the farm can be confiscated, as it is stipulated by law. With Linux, there will be no such problems, which is another important advantage. One of the few advantages of Windows, namely the ability to use a video card for tasks other than mining, is irrelevant, because 99% of the farms are originally created specifically for mining cryptocurrency. This is the main task.

Farm payback with RX 580

One of the most important criteria when choosing a video card for mining is their payback. It depends on many conditions. Some of them have variable values, that is, they can constantly change. This concerns the recession or growth of the cryptocurrency rate.

Taking into account the relevance of Ethereum, the total payback period for the RX 580 can be 7-9 months, in case of a good time (accumulation of currency on the wallet and sale after peak rises), and 12-15 months. This period is influenced by the following factors (in descending order from the most significant):

  1. The course of the ether.
  2. Firmware (that is, the disclosure of the potential of a particular card in terms of overclocking, power consumption, etc.).
  3. The original cost of cards.
  4. Total investment in the farm (any savings, for example, on the HDD, reduces costs and accelerates payback a little).
Farm payback with RX 580

Experienced miners recommend not to display a fixed broadcast systematically. This is best done only at times when there is a strong growth rate. In general, even under adverse conditions, the return on video card in 2018 is approximately 15-18 months. Given the current conditions for mining and farm profitability, this is not the worst time.

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The choice between the 4 GB and 8 GB versions for the Radeon RX 580 is almost always unambiguous. If for the GTX 1060 it is possible to consider the 3 GB version as very promising, then for AMD, on which usually the broadcast is mined, only the 8 GB version would be preferable. Of course, after the miner exceeds the allowable amount in the 4 GB version, you can switch to mining other cryptocurrencies, but this is not the best option.

In such conditions, it will not be possible to extract the air on 4GB cards after February 6, 2021. Taking into account the not so big difference in prices between 4 and 8 GB, in most cases it is better to take a video card with a large amount of memory for the long term.

As far as vendors are concerned, there is not much difference. Buying top solutions, for example, NITRO, is not always profitable. Despite the fact that they provide good cooling and increased power, their cost is much higher than that of the “regular” versions.

It is much better to buy Asus Dual or other cards in the same price category. The difference between them, in comparison with the NITRO and LE versions, is about $ 150, but it is almost completely leveled by the correct firmware, pushing all the cards to approximately the same hashrate (+ – 3-4%).


Despite the fact that the Radeon RX 580 is no longer a top-notch solution, the positions of the video card are still preserved. This is one of the most sensible choices for mining in the medium and long term. With the right approach to buying cards for the farm and selling the naming ether, you can reduce the payback by almost half, making the RX 580 a leader in this criterion.

The only significant drawback may be mandatory BIOS firmware. But this issue is easily solved with the help of specialists, because this deficiency can be considered conditional.

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HOW TO is the best main RX 580 graphics card…

HOW TO is the best main RX 580 graphics card
XFX Radeon RX 580 GTS XXX Edition 1386MHz OC+, 8GB GDDR5, VR Ready, Dual BIOS, 3xDP HDMI DVI, AMD Graphics Card (RX-580P8DFD6)

RX 580 8GB Test in 25 Games in 2020

RX 580 series graphics card AMD and profitable mining – compatible?

For lovers of cryptocurrency production, one performance at an exponential speed or another video card with a priority is increasingly an issue in our country. In addition to paying electricity bills and law enforcement officers, who are increasingly asking the president and the government to introduce cryptocurrency on the part of the state monopoly may not be legitimate. Although the mining system is systematically efficient in the process of revenge (this is the longer the time, the longer the “production” of a unit cryptocurrency), the Russian miners are still committed to the same, if in the yard of 2012.

Performance RX 580 Series

AMD’s products are firmly in the leadership of mining fans for many years in a continuous circle. Although their main competitor, Nvidia, has significantly improved the compatibility of mining cards during the five-year period, the company’s main support is still the gaming industry and other media. The RX series of 8Gb 580 is updated with the Radeon RX 570 and put into production in 2017 and has picked up a large number of manufacturers. The most popular versions are the models released by “Sapphire” and “EM-ES-AJ”.

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The most popular model series – Features

The most popular model series - Features

At the end of the summer of 2017, the main mode of this line proved the sapphire NITRO. In Western Europe, the player miner offended all the last tilted copies as the AMD Radeon RX 580, so this card snatched pereproyti “Witcher 3” from the store for the first time with a good frame rate per second. What can please our RX5808 g:

  •  a clock frequency of 1450 MHz for the possibility of diffusion;
  •  The impressive number of stream processors – 2304;
  •  GDDR5 memory is 8192 megaGB, with a frequency of 2000 MHz.

In the numerous tests conducted by independent publications of computer hardware, we did not see the special adaptation of this graphics card mining. Many experts even suspect that the commercial success of the card may be caused by “popular rumors” than any actual benefit. When digging “Ether” (Vendetta, ETH for short), with the current version of the miner Claymore double ETH (firmware 9.2), our “Radeon” I give all 22, 5 MHS. It is interfered with the factory settings without a memory or mining calculator.

Of course, the result is unqualified. Obviously, memory timing is a high clock frequency that may have to be kept visible by production attenuating. We don’t even dare to imagine – it will be 4GB of RAM in this one more budget RX 580. And for the RX 580 Nitro and Western and Russian experts agree that the main news sapphire Radeon revenge enough speed. Perhaps the so-called sapphire pulse is expected to update the model to change the situation of the Meining Ç580.

What is the competition?

From a little more known to us, the quotation of the MSI RX 580

From a little more known to us, the quotation of the MSI RX 580 has appeared on our new version of the “Sapphire”. Only when the temperature reaches 60 ° C ventilation system and armor technology in the performance of the company’s lead blade cooler it can not be more than those who buy cards to revenge or not. Maintaining a good and strong air supply cycle keeps the investment in the field. In contrast, whether it is the “Sapphire” and “ASUS” versions, this card is able to switch memory modes. What, again, it is more important for gamers and office workers.

Applicable to the kriptovalyutchikov “sister” home feel XFX GTR-S black version, it changed the reference AMD RX memory, used for its own development, providing the best timing, although less than the sapphire RX, clock frequency. Unfortunately, even with new eggs and Amazon’s high-end Western market, this card is listed as unavailable. Another model, the former date of the first half of 2017 – is the Radeon RX 580 from ASUS ROG Strix.

Among its advantages ASUS Radeon RX 580 – improved copper heat sink and convenient software controlled cooling system. Three fans are substituted instead of waiting for the temperature to rise to 60 ° C, working as a standard for MSI card 2. This improved the hash of the RX 580 in Meiningen, albeit slightly.

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Based on test measurements and information obtained by professional media, it is concluded that the RX 580 has not yet deserved commercial success. It is especially suitable for revenge, because it is not wishful thinking. Maybe the miner simply “burns” his card, and taking the series is not a good life, just thinking about how to disperse the RX 580 in mining. So how to explain the popularity of factory efficiency technology – well, it didn’t work.

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In the graphics card sapphire NITRO + RADEON mining cryptocurrency …

We introduce you to the GPU’s AMD Radeon RX 5×0. The first graphics processor we will discuss is a review – Sapphire NITRO + Radeon RX 580 Limited Edition. This is one of the best models RX 580 from sapphire. She has a higher clock speed (default setting) than most other graphics RX processors 580, and there are other components, such as spare fans. The model has improved cooling compared to the Sapphire RX 480 NITRO+. And, of course, new models come at a higher price. The new map RX 580, which in many ways resembles last year’s Sapphire RX 480, will now be called Pulse. Let’s take a look at the specs.

sapphire NITRO+ Radeon RX 580 8 GB limited edition
  •  2304 stream processor;
  •  14 nanometers. Fin field effect transistor, fourth generation graphics core next page (GCN);
  •  GPU acceleration when clocking at 1450 MHz;
  •  8192 MB GDDR5 memory 256 bitnayashinapamyati clock frequency 2000MHz RAM;
  •  Display output: 1 DL-DVI-d, 2 x HDMI 2.0B, 2 x DisplayPort 1.4;
  •  Updated fan double X95 mm with two ball bearings;
  •  Power connector: 1 × 6 pin PCI-E, 1 8-pin PCI-E;
  •  Power consumption: 225 watts;
  •  Dual UEFI BIOS.

New larger cooler – a nice improvement as well as a spare fan for the RX 580 NITRO + LE. Tsapphire NITRO+ Radeon RX 580 8 GB limited edition Another notable difference is the use of additional power connectors in the NITRO + RX series, where x5 0 a 6-pin and an 8-pin PCI-E connector. Additional power connectors are required due to higher clock frequencies and as a result of increased power consumption. Miners may be a problem if they want these cards 6 to be connected to the same power source. It should be remembered that the series PULSE is one, not a two-slot PCI-E power supply

Tsapphire NITRO+ Radeon RX 580 8 GB limited

What is said in the GPU-Z specification? The clock generator GPU works well at 1450 MHz and allows bits to be spread to 1500 MHz. Of course, this is not much. In order to increase the operating voltage to 1.1750 B, this also results in an increased energy consumption of more than 140 watts required for the clock frequency (power drawing, according to GPU-Z). The memory clock frequency is 2000 MHz, and here I want to look at the Samsung GDDR5 because we are talking about the top models of the sapphire and the limited edition RX 580. But unfortunately, in the sapphire we decided to install the memory Hynix. So performance will not be optimal, the algorithm of Ethash (revenge) or Equihash (Zcash), where the use of memory is very dense.

 Radeon RX 580 from Sapphire NITRO+

And now the benchmarks, including some popular algorithms, are currently used by the most profitable miners. Using the latest version 9.2 Claymore double ETH miners, we got a limited edition of 25% MHS from the Radeon RX 580 from Sapphire NITRO+. For disappointing results, consider using all possible settings. Since the use of Lux (2000 MHz) is relaxed, the timing diagram is obviously again in order to maintain a higher operating frequency. If you use Samsung GDDR5, it might be better. But Sapphire did not do this?

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This is not the most successful result. I can see the processor Claymore ZCash AMD GPU miner 12.4.No in Meiningen ZEC, because we know that the Equihash algorithm takes up a lot of memory. The average data rate (ZEC) for ZCash and this video card is approximately 296 H / sec. The reason why such a low data rate can be all the same memory force, or it may be due to the new AMD driver (RX support 500). And AMD’s Radeon Crimson Renewed version 17.4.3 official version of the driver (also RX 500) does not seem to be very effective for mining kriptovalyutnogo.

Below are some of the results of the test for our Card Sapphire NITRO+ Radeon RX 580 Limited Edition:

  •  DCR: 1202 GHS;
  •  XMR: 600 H / SES.
  •  LBC: 0.165 GHS;
  •  PASC: 0830 GHS;
  •  SIB: 8.2 MHS.

As for optimization, you can experiment with memory rulers and achieve the best results. In addition, lowering the frequency with the upper value (default) will also allow for lower voltages and lower power consumption. This is especially true for ETH optimization, despite taking a slightly higher voltage (and frequency) of the ZEC. Some miners also reported that the board RX 580 LE can run independent verification on a single 8-pin PCI-E.No, and you need to optimize the frequency and voltage to avoid overfeeding.

What conclusion? The limited edition of the Sapphire NITRO+ Radeon RX 580, although the miners are attractive, it is clearly designed for gamers. The possibility of increasing the clock frequency is more suitable for the game. The miners are also like a big cold fan in a pack. But two power connectors, as well as high power consumption – can be pleased. The RX 580 LE configuration retains a bit of disappointment, but some changes in “performance/power” can be seen (the same result can be obtained by setting RX 580 and RX 570, even). Ie in some settings – this is a miner, but the price is unlikely to look very kind.

Mining RX 580: Acceleration and HESHREYT, profitability and…

Among them, the miner series video card called RX 480 has been discontinued. She is famous for its speed return, as well as features that make it easy to compete with older versions of GPUs.

The graphics card on the market is a bestseller. Some even tried to find a few cases in this series, but most miners cryptocurrency turned their attention to a new series – the RX 580.

This is its predecessor, it has an improved version of similar features, but it is more suitable for mining.


Specifications RX 580

The first thing that comes into your eyes – increases the core working frequency. This will provide some algorithms with better performance. The chip frequency is 1340 MHz (base – 1257 MHz), while the memory indicator starts at 1750 MHz.

It all runs on a user-friendly overclocked Polaris architecture. Therefore, we can get an additional 20% performance boost frequency and update drivers.

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name value
Energy consumption 185 watts
RAM 256 bits
Number of units of calculation 2304
Memory 4,8GB
Memory type GDDR5
Proizvoditelnst 6.2 trillion floating point operations
capacity 256 Gb / s
Type of cooling air

With the 8gb.Stoimost video $300 starting to mine the RX 580 4GB memory will have roughly the same performance as the RX 580 mining. Most stores are overpriced and even rise to $500. The average cost in the ruble is about 28 000 GPU releases, 4GB and 8GB of RAM. But here, you can not pay and do the first choice. So you can save an extra $20-30 purchase.

This is due to the fact that the competitive algorithm used by the GPU in its work is not the amount of memory and frequency.

In the user who chooses the graphics card, you will see many models in this series. These include sapphire nitro+, armor, Aorus, Asus and more. However, they are not very different from each other. They are only in the cooling system and do not play a decisive role in Meiningen.

However, if you are from a multi-channel graphics farm (Taiwan), it is necessary to analyze all the models because they have different energy consumption. It is as small as possible and will be reflected in the farm.

Mining Revenge RX 580

This video broadcast is the most profitable algorithm. This will be about 20 MH / sec. Disperse device users lift heshreyt 30 MH / sec. Based on these numbers, let us calculate the expected return.

name value
currency ETH
Income ETH days 0.003117
Monthly income 0.093518
Heshreyt 25 MH / sec
Income per night USD $ 1.26
Monthly income $ 37.7
Energy consumption 180 watts
Daily net profit $ 0.91
Monthly net income $ 27.3

Let’s see how fast we will predict the NiceHash calculator.

If you spend GPU on average for $410 we only cover our devices after 451 days. Although the processing power is the same as the RX480, the return gets longer. This is due to higher energy consumption.

In the algorithm DaggerHashimoto we get 26 MH / s, which is a good result, the device is not overclocked. At the same time, we can run dual mining connections to Revenge Decred, which will bring additional revenue while interfering with each other’s algorithms.

In some cases we can see that heshreyt does not exceed even at 23 MH / sec. In this case, such a graphics card is the most distributed. This is due to the fact that instead of the usual Samsung memory, the manufacturer decided to use Hynix memory to make the temporary easy chart. This is done to maintain a high working frequency. The nitro problem in RADEON RX 580 occurred in Meiningen. Maybe it’s more suitable for gamers than miners cryptocurrency.

In this case, the help is just to replace the BIOS to modify the timing. You also need to update the driver.

But digging the RX 580 armor on the graphics card shows even more encouraging results. Even without overclocking, we achieved a rate of 27 MH / s. But such devices are not chosen because limited functional drivers cannot be optimally set for energy efficiency, as is usually the case.

Specifications RX 580

Mining and Double Revenge Decred – Radeon RX 580

Connecting double mining, Almost always extracts Decred with ether. Money uses different GPU resources, which means they don’t reduce the other’s profits. Sorry for your BIOS under ETH and DCR, we get the result at 30 revenge MH/s speed and at 1000 Decred MH / sec. This is a very good result.

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The core clock on the test set is 1150MHz, and the video memory – 8g. The latest version of the miners Claymore.

Mining and Double Revenge Decred - Radeon RX 580

If the default setting is used, only 24.5 MH / sec is generated at RX’s Radeon 8GB 580 mine. The DCR speed is maintained at 950-1000.

generated at RX's Radeon 8GB 580 mine

Lonely, without air, it produces the same 1000-1200 MH / s heshreyta.

Yield calculator NiceHash shows more speed you can get.

What is the Yield NiceHash?

At a rate of 30 MH/ s from ether, and from Decred 1.4 GH / s, the predicted profit is $15 per month. This is at a speed of Bitcoin $6745 and takes into account the power consumption ($0.1/kWh), where the “eat” income is not a small part.

Measuring Heshreyta RX ?

The statistical process and currency can be viewed on the official website of blokcheyn.

Some cards with similar characteristics give different results in dual production. For example, the MSI armor card will be slightly inferior to the mining pair’s Radeon RX 580 nitro profitability.

Other algorithms for mining – Radeon RX 580

Other algorithms for this card are rarely used, but they can benefit in one day. A popular algorithm Zcash (snake) is a speed issue of 300-320 s / sec. The CryptoNight algorithm (Monero XMR) will result in 600 H / sec. LBC offers 0.165 GHS.

Other algorithms for mining - Radeon RX 580

Pascal (PASC) will produce at 0.86 GH / s and X11Ghost (SIB) will emit 8.5 MH / sec.

There is no need to manually monitor the cost and complexity of each currency. If you are using the latest version of the miner, the program will automatically start working with the algorithm that started profiting. To do this, you only need to make a benchmark.

It will show you what kind of speed will generate a certain currency from the list of users.

Overclocking and firmware RX 580

The acceleration of the device follows the same principle as other GPUs. To do this, we need the MSI avtoberner program (Strength).

Overclocking and firmware RX 580

The frequency varies in a particular currency. For example, if Mene Ether, then we only need overclocking RAM because only the power is determined by the speed of the memory. This means that the core frequency can be reduced. Therefore, the card will become “cold” while consumption declines. The temperature, which will remain close to 65-68 degrees, will allow the device to serve for longer periods of time.

If we extract Zcash, it all turns out to be the opposite – we need to raise the core frequency and the memory can stay at the base level.

How to increase or decrease the frequency should be done carefully. In both cases, too much can cause balls and errors that are not working correctly on the GPU. If the user doesn’t know what to do, it’s best to follow the instructions.

The video below shows how to make the best acceleration RX580 firmware and other mining 8GB and 4GD bring a speed of no less than 30 MH / s.

So, simply unforgettable updates to the driver. AMD has released a special driver mining optimization. The latest version can be downloaded from the official website by clicking on some of the drivers.

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Contrast with RX 480

Now, we will compare the Radeon RX 580 with its predecessor and determine if the new generation can be a worthwhile alternative. Note that there are different characteristics between the two devices.

model RX580 RX470
Basic frequency GPU 1.257 MHz 1.120 MHz
GPU frequency overclocking 1.340 MHz 1.266 MHz
Polaris Edition 20 10
Pixel fill rat 42,88 GPixel / S 40512 GPixel / S
Texture fill rate 192,96 GTexel / sec 182304 GTexel / sec
Calculation performance 6,125 TFLOPS 5,833 TFLOPS
power consumption 185 watts 150 watts
average cost 25,500 pages. 19 600 rubles.
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All other specifications are the same.

From this comparison we can see that the power of these cards is very similar, but at a cost and power consumption of 580 RX is clearly lost. Due to these performance improvements, the payback period is increased. This increases the risk of investment. If you build a farm, you must take care to reduce energy consumption.

The RX 470 wins in this regard because there is a chance that you can start Minnie immediately, not necessarily even changing the firmware and configuring the driver.

Heshreyt, we can make most of the algorithms different when the graphics card is different. RX 580 (not all models), only a few wins in this matter. However, in both cases, the air can be maximally over 30 MH / sec.

From this it can be concluded that RX 580 and 570 are similar to series RX 480 and 470. And this is not the cheapest. But customers have no choice because the early series are no longer found in the market. And the rest is so high, it’s cheap, buy all the new series.


Based on the popular algorithm of heshreyta, we have found that the RX 580 mining is particularly beneficial. The exchange rate is constantly changing, but the average monthly salary is still around $30

The payback period is no more than 15 months, which is a serious shortcoming because large changes can occur in the market cryptocurrency during this time. But this period has become even less if you have reduced the number of graphics card farms by at least 10 watts of power at the same time. The dual mode of mining is possible.

Other algorithms are not profitable to use. For example, Zcash will bring in less than $20, which is quite profitable.

Energy consumption

In order to reduce energy consumption it is important to configure the device to work daunvolting. This is a way of spreading, thereby reducing the pressure of the core to reduce overall power consumption.

Daunvolting combines double mining and does not affect work. The following is a video of the sapphire 580 and 570 by setting the timing and daunvolta.

If you use a 6 GPU farm, its power will be about 0.9 – 1 kW in any case. Each model will vary in the cost of electricity, but the difference is not significant. And this problem does not solve this problem and will have to sacrifice any power or energy consumption. This is the main drawback of this series.

RADEON RX 580 – Mining & Location Card BEST …

RADEON RX 580 - Mining & Location Card BEST

So many people decided to try his hand after the bitcoin took off at the end of 2017 and the revenge was confusing. However, with the growing interest of the masses in extracting cryptocurrency, we have also gotten this unpleasant phenomenon, the lack of graphics cards – the main working tools of the majority of miners in the country. GPU makers and Wende are not yet ready to dramatically increase demand, leading to a rapid rise in the cost of retail start cards, sometimes as much as twice as high as the manufacturer’s suggested price.

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Newcomers at its peak cryptocurrency are ready to buy the card even at such high prices. Many people mistakenly believe that cryptocurrency will continue to continue its growth and return on investment without any problems. However, the law of the market is a ruthless innocent dream. After taking off, it is natural to start a correction. Cryptocurrency drops 30-40% of the cost and goes into the side of the trend, which may sit up with a slight drop up until this fall. However, despite this, the graphics card market is not in a hurry to end the deficit, and sellers still hold very high prices for their own goods.

In this article, we want to tell you that the mining of the Radeon RX 580 at today’s price will be one of the best to buy the best card, no matter what you pay will follow today’s realistic payback period. Also, although the chip is good for almost all popular cryptocurrency, we will try to present ourselves with what is the best Pierre in the RX 580 vision so I hope that we have been able to fully conspirate you. We introduce you to our graphics card for the review of the Radeon RX 580, sit down and let us go.

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Functionality of the Radeon RX 580

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The RX 580 is actually very small in Meiningen, and its predecessor RX 480’s new discrete graphics card is based on the same chip Bora, however, it is a better, more optimized version with a higher core base. Clock speed. Therefore, during the digging process, if the two cards are different, it is very small, and if the RX 480 is cheaper than its new version, it would be logical to see it for her. But the reality is, now, forgive the same taut, 480 finds unrealistic, at normal prices, and so on. So don’t hang in the past, go directly to the card’s features.

Computing unit 36
Stream processor 2304
Clock frequency (acceleration / BASE) 1340 MHz / 1257 MHz
Peak performance 6.2 trillion floating point operations
Memory clock speed (MHz / u200b) \ u200b \ u200b \ u200b \ u200b 1750 \ u200biliMore
Bandwidth memory 256 GB / sec
Memory interface 256 bits
Memory type GDDR5
Typical power board \ u200b 185 w ^

To purchase this graphics card, you can get the RX 580 8GB and 4GB versions. For digging, we recommend that you still look at the young chetyrohgigabaytnoy verFunctionality of the Radeon RX 580sion, the memory of this point in Meiningen 8 GB is not a requirement. In addition, the amount of data storage in the mining will become relevant time, it is likely that there will be similar urgency for the Radeon HD with the graphics card and the Radeon RX line for several generations. On the other hand, the current price is the implementation of the young version, with a level indicator of $500, the vosmigigabaytnaya map is worth 520 area so if you pay extra for $20, you – this is not terrible, it is there is a The reason is not to bother and take the card, you no longer like it or buy it.

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Functionality of the Radeon RX 580

This is also a series of models worth considering, which is not fundamentally important to us. Maps, we are still manual overclocking, so that the parameters of the “box” can not play a special role. Otherwise, the various card sellers are different, in most cases, only in the cooling system and the applied component base. However, they are all equipped with the same chip as a break, and the use of memory (Samsung, Micron, Hynix, Elpida) depends on a major factor in the party and luck. For example, the Sapphire Radeon card can always have an excellent cooling system and high-quality base components, they will show themselves in the mine as well as cheaper competitors, and become the only difference that they will be able to take a little longer as a miner. This is where you decide which one is more important to you – fast return, or long life prospects.

After purchasing the card, we recommend that you immediately check the mining RX 580 calculator, for example, the popular online calculator https://whattomine.com, and decide the currency, which is the product. We will of course talk about this issue, but when you read this article, the data is no longer sufficiently relevant. You will need to adjust them a little bit based on the time interval between the publication of the article and the moment you read it.

It is also worthwhile to approach the problems in the mining selection library very carefully. Mining calculators for profit, in fact, always shows only the best results, not considering that the committee can wait for defects that may exist in the process. However, by choosing an old, powerful swimming pool, you can always guarantee transparency commission payments and a more stable monthly income. On our map this is the most favorable to see ether, so the best pool for mining is the RX 580 – it’s F2Pool Flypool.

Because the card itself reveals mining

The Radeon RX 580 on Mina is not because it may be easy to see at first glance. In the mining revenge, the productivity of the graphics card does not exceed 24-25 MH in fact / sec, even in the overclocked version. However, the chart stipulates that the potential is much greater, and in order to get the best profit, an additional configuration of the RX 580 is required.

The whole essence of the map setup is its own BIOS change to the BIOS modified video memory timing. As a rule, Samsung’s memory and other aspects have quite good timing, in fact, after its dissolution can provide value for heshreyta around 30 megahesh. However, such a highly independent implementation of other memory manufacturers, as a rule, is not, so we need the ATIWinflash and PolarisBiosEditor programs, through which we modify the card to be more suitable for the timing of mine methyl ether, so that we can get higher Heshreyt. How exactly do this in detail, we won’t tell because it’s the subject of another great article that doesn’t fit the current format.

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Instead, we provide you with a detailed and very accessible BIOS end video in this article that describes the process of modifying the card. However, reminisce about splicing your card, you are responsible for her safety, and its performance is not 100% guaranteed that you can’t give it. Read the timing carefully, right after your video RAM (Mega, Hynix, Elpida), and then proceed to modify the process.

As we have already said, now the RX 580 is the most profitable to see cryptocurrency revenge on the Ethash algorithm on the modified card to be able to provide 30 MH / sec plus. However, as time goes by, the market situation is constantly changing, and what is profitable today may not be tomorrow. So we present you with a list of other popular algorithms and RX 580 results in their app:

  1. Equihash – 290 H / S;
  2. CryptoNight – 690 H / S;
  3. X11Gost – 6.9 MH / sec;
  4. Blake2b – 990 MH / sec;
  5. LBRY – 135Mh / sec;
  6. Lyra2RE – 5700 Kh / s;
  7. NeoScrypt – 650 Kh / sec;
  8. Blake14r – 1350 MH / sec.

Also, when it comes to the topic of very popular mining on the RX 5808 grams, become a dual mining ether and Decrod coin. Previously, this was very profitable because, in fact, it was possible to produce two coins at the same time and increase power consumption only for the card, while heshreyt almost fell on ether. However, now we are starting to have the Decred algorithm ASIC system, and similar mining is no longer so attractive. It is also necessary to consider the behavior in this mode in different ways, sometimes different maps, for example, the results from the MSI RX 580 armor are overall slightly worse than the sapphire RX 580 nitro.

Mining is easy because it is a game accelerator card. In this process, it is best to use the well-known MSI afterburner program. However, the specificity of mining acceleration is somewhat different from what we usually do. Usually, everything is always a bit overclocked with the core and video memory, but we have such a path that is not very suitable. The fact that different algorithms use core and memory cards in different ways. The speed of mining as well as boosting the overclocking kernel and other cores is actually not involved, but requires very high speed video memory.

The universally set Radeon RX 580 Mining Ether – is your memory card that accelerates and reduces the maximum core speed. Since the ethero Bustoasi can only be remembered, it allows miners to reduce power consumption by reducing core power and make the map colder. On the other hand, if you decide, that is, Zetkesh, you, on the contrary, have the most improved core frequency and video memory can stay at the base value. In this case, the reduction in food should be carefully approached because it directly affects the performance of the algorithm’s graphics card.

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How to give you those or other accelerometer cards, you don’t say anything without a calculator, for this you need to try yourself and choose the best settings. Very useful after the first attempt to closely monitor the miner stability program, if the ball or error is often generated incorrectly, then perhaps your card pererazognana or lack of power, it is worth a little increase the paver limit. If the experiment itself does not have the time or the will, you can try to apply for settings that are used by others. It’s not true, of course, they fit your needs, or you’re just an example, but now on the Internet, especially on YouTube, you can find quite a few examples of overclocking success.

For example, we overclocked Ethernet 29 and Decree 900 into possible settings: core on 1200 MHz and 2100 MHz memory.

Comparison with competitors – RX 580

Here we got a part of the fun. To let us say a few words of income, the current price starts at 580 RX.

At the time of this writing, the cost of the ether was about $915, the price of electricity, we took six cents per kilowatt, and the average of the required $500 for 4 GB of retail store memory for the round-trip card. So when the BIOS modified the Radeon to correct acceleration and 135 watts of power consumption, our outlet Guinea brought a net income of 2.2 yuan per day. That is, if we assume that the market will be the most stable, the monthly income of the ester will be $66, which means that the card will recover the cost in exactly seven and a half months. Of course, only you can decide whether you have a comfortable or not payback period, but it seems that the price is too high now, quietly, maybe, this is reasonable, until they are slightly reduced. In this case, it is fortunate that those who bought the Radeon data for the price of 280-300 dollars, their map has already recovered the cost.

The main competitor RX 580 graphics mining is 6GB GeForce GTX 1060 and 1070 GTX calculations only need green as the RX 570 has similar performance, and just the price difference between them, this performance meets. But with the interesting case of the…… 1060 Nvidia is currently asking $445 in the store, while in mining Zetkesh this card can generate a daily profit of $2 network. Multiply by $2 for 30 days and get a monthly income of $60, which is equivalent to a payback period of seven months and 12 days. This of course is only slightly lower, but better than the Radeon graphics card.

For the GTX 1070, the average price is equal to $665 at the time of writing, while the daily income of the coin Zetkesh is $3, in other words, $90. This is a return of seven months and nine days than the card, which is still a little better than Radeon.

Comparison with competitors - RX 580

There is something here, dear friends. With the useless use of numbers, it seems that the RX 580 at Meiningen is not the best graphics card. However, this does not mean that AMD’s card itself is bad, and the result is quite valuable and generally falls within the scope of our original idea. In fact, these cards were a long time ago and the cost was too high to recommend a price comparison. This imbalance has already exceeded the competitor’s brand.

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In general, mining the graphics card RX 580 is still a very profitable career and will continue to do so for a long time. Should I buy a data card and collect their farm? of course. If you want revenge, Nuremberg and its forks, map data is probably the best tool to date. Should you buy these cards at today’s price? Here, we will say, probably not. However, this is a matter of personal opinion, it all depends on how you arrange your current payback period card. If you are willing to wait, chances are it is worth it. If you think this is better to pay more, but now into the mining industry, this is a completely understandable desire.

RX 580 Ethereum

No matter what, dear friend, we thank you for your attention. We hope this article is useful to you, we hope that you will always find a good price video and successfully develop coins.