ASIC BW-L21 for Litecoin | How To Buy | Profitability | Payback Period

ASIC BW-L21 for Litecoin How To Buy Profitability Payback Period
ASIC BW-L21 for Litecoin

ASIC BW-L21 – In this post, we will examine the following topical issues with you: what an Asic device is, how to earn money with it, where and how to buy, an overview of current models for 2017. So let’s start …

What is ASIC (eng. Application-specific integrated circuit) is a specialized electrical circuit for solving a specific problem. Unlike general-purpose integrated circuits, specialized applications are used in a specific device and perform predefined limited functions that are characteristic only for it. As a result, the implementation of the inherent functions occurs much faster, and in the future, and cheaper. Examples of ASIC devices are microchips designed to control mobile phone, signal processors, etc.

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Modern ASICs for mining contain a multi-core 32 or 64-bit processor (on 16nm-55nm technology), memory blocks (ROM and RAM) and other necessary elements. When developing digital asics, Verilog and VHDL are used to describe their functionality. 

Also, the devices produce different shapes, sizes and purposes. Compact and inefficient miners are usually connected via USB-connectors, through them are powered. Conditionally asic controllers for mining are divided into professional and household (home). The difference between them in size, body, power and power consumption.

The budget options are smaller, lighter, the case is made of cheap material, and cooling is weaker. BP for such devices is usually up to 1000W. Professional options have built-in power supply from 1kW, more efficient, air-cooled over 50 decibels. They are placed in data centers in special racks.

How to choose an Asik miner

Today, current asics for mining cryptocurrency are able to bring greater profits to their owners, it has become a bit easier to acquire them than at the dawn of crypto mining. The flip side of the rapid development of mining technology is a sharp increase in the complexity of the mining process. There are several fundamental factors to determine which particular asyk suits you best:

  • 1 factor is its efficiency (power measured in hash rates). The greater the declared value, the more expensive, but more productive. Return on investment when buying becomes simple: cost / power = price of 1 hashrate.   
  • 2 factor – energy consumption, any equipment consumes a lot of electricity. This parameter also determines the profitability. In particular, if you run asik for mining in the region with not the cheapest electric power.
  • 3 factor – pricing. When the demand for mining grows, the cost of equipment rises greatly. This happened recently with top video cards.

There are some major manufacturing companies: Coin Terra (USA), KnC Miner (Sweden), Butterfly Labs, BTC Olympus, Bitmain (China).

It is not a problem to buy asiki now, it is possible through the website of the author of the model, it is possible through intermediaries. Recently, many began to buy through the most popular Chinese online trading platform – AliExpress. It is risky, but it is quite possible to find an honest seller with a good quality product. Not once checked by me personally (though not asik took, but also technological things). 

Asic or gaming graphics card?

At the dawn of the era, cryptocurrency was supposed to be produced by video cards, they gave a good and stable income for some time. Of these, entire mining farms were made (several video cards connected to a home PC via riser cables). Mining mining farms have the following features:

  • technical ability to mine almost all types of coins
  • relatively quiet operation
  • the possibility of resale of outdated models in the secondary market
  • average wear and maintainability
  • the need to periodically replace old models with new ones 
  • average payback time
  • relatively low hashrate

Popular asic checkers for mining are characterized by the following:

  • quick start and easy maintenance
  • infrequent software update
  • compact in comparison even with a small farm
  • extremely limited functionality – working with coins of one algorithm
  • increased noise due to powerful fans
  • the chip itself is beyond repair
  • resale in the secondary market is unlikely due to the rapid obsolescence of models
  • high hashrate
  • high price

Farms require a lot of time-consuming for the assembly, packaging, configuration. Transportation and upgrade farms is difficult, they often break down and need a large number of components.

The payback of ASIC depends on many factors (the price rate of the mined cryptomonet, the speed / energy ratio, the price of the chosen model and others), so no one can say for sure (even the seller).

Turning on turns

ASIC mining is mining cryptocurrency using a device specially created for this purpose – an ASIC miner. Represents this mining by itself the same as regular mining, that is, deciphering the blockchain, mining blocks and so on.

The difference is that calculations are made not with the help of video cards or other devices, but with the help of special chips.

Before the advent of ASIC mining, coins were mined mainly on video cards. There were other types of mining, for example, mining on processors, but they quickly became unprofitable.

Video cards brought a good profit, so farms began to appear for the extraction of cryptocurrency from several devices that are still used today.

Soon, there were two main problems that were troubling the miners today, namely:

  • The increase in the complexity of the extraction unit, because of what began to require large capacity.
  • Excessive power consumption, growing in proportion to the increase in capacity.

These problems required an innovative solution.

The first was offered by the Chinese company Butterfly Labs: in the summer of 2012, it began to accept pre-orders for devices based on microchips developed for Bitcoin mining. These were the first ASIC miners.

One and a half months after the announcement of BFL, Asicminer appeared in the south of China, offering similar products. Following her – also Chinese Avalon.

So China has become the progenitor of ASIC mining.

How not to be mistaken with the choice of ASIC?

Whatever we acquire, we always focus on some specific criteria that our purchase must satisfy. When buying a device described today, there are also a number of factors that are worth paying attention to.

  • First, it is necessary to take into account the power of ASIC or its hashrate. From this will depend on the effectiveness of your work. True, it is worth considering that the price of a more efficient device will be higher;
  • The second important point is the power consumption of the equipment. Mining is a very energy-intensive process, and nothing can be done about it. But before you invest money, you need to take into account the power of your network – is there enough for the operation of a particular model;
  • And, finally, an important factor is the price of your purchase. Here it is necessary to take into account that with the growth of interest in production and the increase in the value of BTC, the prices for the corresponding equipment also begin to rise rapidly.

When the excitement falls, the reverse occurs. Well, new, more powerful models, of course, are also unpleasant at first with numbers on price tags.

The largest manufacturers of miners

  1. Coin Terra is an American company, one of the most famous. Currently, its most popular product is Terra Miner IV (2 Thasha). The device cost is relatively low, about 6 thousand dollars, electricity consumption is around 3 kW / h. there is one “but” – it is quickly bought up and it is not so easy to purchase it.
  2. KnC Miner (unfortunately the company went bankrupt) is also a cool manufacturer, no longer American, but European (Sweden). The Neptune device (3 Thasshes) stands out from its line, as it uses the latest technology. We can’t say anything concrete about energy consumption. As the manufacturer says, it is half the size of the previous model. The price of the miner is quite high, $ 13,000, but there is every reason to believe that such an investment will pay off and bring significant profit to the owner.
  3. Butterfly Labs is a large and well-known company, but with a somewhat dubious image. The fact is that the issue of miners announced in 2012 was realized only after a year and a half, and users who made pre-orders received not very relevant equipment as a result. All this time the competitors did not sit idly by and managed to release their more advanced models. Butterfly does not produce ready-made devices, but something like cards for assembling that cost $ 2,200 (600 Ghash). It is easy to calculate that 3 Thashes will cost 11 thousand.
  4. BTC Olympus – also has its own line of miners. I want to draw your attention to the model Poseidon (3 Thass). The device consumes little power and costs relatively little – $ 8,000.

Is it possible to build an asik-miner on my own?

Today, the question of how to make asic for mining cryptocurrency itself is gaining more and more popularity, because ready-made solutions, which are usually sold on the foreign market, are expensive and inaccessible to many Russian users.

Consider the main problems that you may encounter when building your own miner in asic.

Before we begin to consider the basic question of how to do asic yourself, let’s delve a little bit into technical terminology. Asic is a microchip designed specifically for hash sum accounts.

It is ten times more productive than even any flagship video card. Accordingly, the demand for it among miners is quite high.

So, let’s consider a simplified scheme of how to make asic:

  • Buy ICs. We start from this point precisely because most often it is this that causes great difficulty for those who wish to make an asic miner themselves. Unfortunately, there are no manufacturers of such boards in Russia, therefore, in order to get the desired item you will need to apply to a foreign market or outbid it from someone who already has it. Also, remember that there are two types of asic: for the scryp and SHA-256 algorithm. Accordingly, each of them can only produce certain currencies.
  • Get software. Before you make asic, you will need to get the appropriate software. Again, this may be a problem. Usually, manufacturers who supply ready-made miners attach them to the device configuration. If you order individual chips, then most likely you will not have such privileges.
  • Find the power source. Speaking about how to make the miner yourself, we should not forget about the electricity consumed, because asic requires 2-3 times more electricity than video cards or processors.
  • Assemble the case and provide cooling. In the process, the miner produces a large amount of heat, so you need to think in advance how you will get rid of it. To do this, not only install a powerful cooling system, but also prepare a case that would contribute to better ventilation.
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In addition, there is a huge amount of nuances that should be considered.

Despite the fact that the relevance of the topic, how to assemble your miner from asic, remains high. Such technical manipulations are quite complex and require special knowledge.

And if you do not want to wrestle with how to make asic yourself, it is better to purchase a ready-made installation.

So is it an ASIC or a farm?

Each of these methods of extraction has its essential “for” and no less weighty “against”.

  • Quick start;
  • Rare software update;
  • More resistant to breakage;
  • Requires nothing but a wire for internet and power supply;
  • Unpretentious to transport.
  • Any cryptocurrency is available for mining, which makes it possible to receive large profits from time to time with constant monitoring of the market;
  • Less noise at work;
  • Available accessories;
  • The opportunity at any time to realize and return the invested funds (if not all, then at least a part).

This we argued in favor of both options. Now about the shortcomings.

  • It is difficult or even impossible to repair;
  • Limited list of mining algorithms;
  • Noisy works;
  • Quickly emerges, illiquid.
  • Hard to sell
  • Self-assembly takes time;
  • Constant software update;
  • Greater risk of breakage;
  • Difficulties with transportation.


As already mentioned, previously ordinary video cards served as Asiki for mining. They were used by users to earn coins. Over time, the processes became more complicated, which means that more powerful equipment was required.

It was necessary to increase the number of video cards, and this led to the fact that energy costs appeared. All this could make the business unprofitable or very unprofitable. So began to modernize the whole process.

When you have a total understanding of what ASIC is, let’s look at their typologies. Probably, when looking at modern devices, it is not surprising that this equipment also acquired different models. All of them differed in forms, size, purpose.

The simplest asiki were inefficient. Compact miners could be connected via USB. The power supply was connected in the same way. Now such equipment is almost never used. It has ceased to generate income and out of sales.

Behind the scenes, home and professional asiki can be distinguished. They can be distinguished by size, body and power consumption. Home option, of course, more compact. It is small in size and cheap in material quality. The fans installed in it are not as powerful, and the power supply can reach 600 watts.

We learned what Asiki is, now we need to deal with goals. Professional models are very expensive, but they are also the most productive among those proposed. They have higher power levels, more efficient and thoughtful. Some complain of their noise, but for the time being they will have to get used to it.

Typically, professional devices are located in data centers and are mounted in racks.

With a choice, only those who do not understand what they want can be miscalculated. The rest is the case, as is the case with other devices. It is necessary to determine for themselves the criteria by which to choose a miner.

In our case, choosing asiki, you need to pay attention to three indicators:

  • Power.
  • Power usage.
  • Cost

These are the basic parameters that will help at least approximately find models that are similar to each other, and then trust in intuition or reviews.

Speaking of power, they sometimes use the concept of “hashrate”. From these synonyms will depend on the effectiveness of the device. Power consumption for mining is a sore subject. The process is very expensive, and has not yet come up with a more economical way. Therefore, in addition to choosing the right device, you will have to understand whether your network has a resource for such processes. And the last parameter that can often be found when choosing another equipment is the cost. Usually in this case take into account the growth and interest in earnings, an increase in the value of bitcoins. As soon as there is an increase in activity in these segments, expect that the cost per miner will rise to the skies.

When the hype subsides, the price decreases. In addition, the cost affects the novelty of the model: the newer, the more optimized and productive.


Mining cryptocurrency with the help of Asikov miner is now a popular topic. Therefore, there are more and more manufacturers who spend a lot of time on this. Since the device itself is relatively new, most people do not even have a clue who is popular and authoritative in this niche.

Among all, the most prominent are:

  • Coin Terra.
  • KnC Miner.
  • Butterfly Labs.
  • BTC Olympus.

These are the most popular manufacturers, although there are naturally more of them.

Coin Terra is a company from America, which has already gained popularity due to its products. The most famous among them was the model Terra Miner IV. The price of such equipment is relatively low – 6 thousand dollars. It consumes about 3 kW / h.

KnC Miner is a company from Sweden that also creates good ASIC for mining. Among the products has become notable model Neptune. The manufacturer developed it taking into account new technologies. As a result, we get two times less energy consumption, relative to the previous generation. Although here the cost of 13 thousand dollars is a little difficult to name. But the developers claim that it is worth it, and the equipment can pay for itself.

Butterfly Labs is also an equally well-known company, but has already managed to earn a dubious reputation. It so happened that the company announced itself with a large backlog. There were people who made a pre-order back in 2012, but only after a year and a half received their goods. And everything would be fine, but after all a lot has changed during this time, and the product has become less relevant.

BTC Olympus is a great company that has already acquired its own line of ASICs. Poseidon stands out among all now, the cost is 8 thousand dollars.

Best Script Asiki Mining

Best Script Asiki Mining

With the advent of Litecoin, the miner’s society attracted another algorithm, Scrypt, on which the cryptocurrency was built. The peculiarity of the function is that it complicates mining by increasing the resources necessary for carrying out settlement operations. The essence of the work of Scrypt is almost not different from the above SHA-256. A block with information is transferred to the input, and in relation to it a hash function is used to get the finished block at the output. The difference is that the calculation of the mentioned hash function is more difficult due to the use of large amounts of RAM. The latter is used to store random bit sequences that are created at the start of a function. Once a vector is created, a random query of nodes occurs to combine and create a ready key.

The first ASIC miners on Scrypt were announced and appeared in 2014. Subsequently, the developers improved the products, increased its hashrate and achieved significant results. With the help of such devices, you can get many cryptocurrencies, including not only Lightcoin, but also a number of other coins – Verge, Digibayt, Spotts, Megacoin and others.

The best asiki for mining in 2018, working on Scrypt:

  1. Bitmain Antminer L3 +. If you select reliable, affordable (in terms of price) and productive devices, this model can be put in the top three. Antminer L3 + is a good option for mining Litecoin and other virtual coins on Scrypt at home. On the device boards, 288 modern VM1485 microprocessors are installed, which guarantee a high level of performance and equipment recoupment. Asik is compact and takes up little space, has a well-thought-out cooling system and is easy to configure. The control panel uses a fast microprocessor, which ensures fast operation of the device. To start mining, you need to connect the device and set the parameters of the selected pool. Special attention is given to the hash rate (504 MX / s) with a consumption of 0.8 kW. With these parameters, Bitmain Antminer L3 + allows you to earn about $ 200 in 30 days (when mining Lightcoin) (as of March 10, 2018). On the developer’s site, this model is priced at $ 1396. This means that the payback is about 7 months (taking into account the cost of transportation).
  2. Innosilicon A6 LTCMaster is a unique device that rightfully enters the TOP of the best ASIC for mining in 2018 (in this case for the Scrypt function). The first thing that stands out is the speed of solving problems (hash rate), which is equal to 1230 MX / s. This is 2.5 times more than in Bitmain Antmainer L3 +. Against the background of increasing speed, the power also increased, which reached the level of 1.5 kW. The manufacturer claims that the last parameter (as well as the hash rate) can vary by 8% in one and the other direction. Features of the model – the presence of four cooling fans, small overall parameters (35x25x15.5 cm), and a weight of 8.46 kg (excluding BP). On the manufacturer’s website, the cost of the Innosilicon A6 LTCMaster is 6.3 thousand dollars, which is an obstacle for many miners. On the other hand, the device shows an excellent yield of $ 507 per month (as of March 10, 2018 when mining Lightcoin). This means that costs can be covered after 12–13 months of continuous work.
  3. BW L-21. Many argue that this is the best asik-miner from the position of “price-quality-payback”. Indeed, the manufacturer guarantees high performance (550 MX / s) with a relatively small energy consumption of 0.95 kW. In the first, and in the second case, a 10% error is allowed. On the ASIC boards, there are 144 chips manufactured using 28nm technology. Despite the fact that it is gradually becoming obsolete, and more powerful chips come to replace it, the use of the BW L-21 is still relevant, and the miner pays off within a year. If we calculate the 30-day yield of the model on March 10, 2018, it is equal to $ 208 (for the production of Lightcoin). On the official website, the device is sold at a price of $ 2,650 (16,800 yuan), so the costs are recouped in 13–13.5 months.
Модель асикаSpeed, MX / spower, kWtCost, USDPayback in months
Bitmain Antminer L3 +5040.813967
Innosilicon A6 LTCMaster12301.5630012–13
BW L-215500.95265013–13,5

The table shows that Bitmain Antmainer L3 + is ahead of the competitors in terms of cost recovery rate due to lower cost. But if we proceed from performance, here is the undoubted leader Innosilicon A6 LTCMaster. As for the latest model, miners better wait for it to cheapen.

X11 is a hashing algorithm designed specifically for the Darkcoin cryptocurrency, which was later renamed Dash. A feature of X11 is the use of 11 hashing steps, with 11 different functions. In the process of mining, such an algorithm requires a third less energy (when compared with Scrypt), and the released electricity is almost two times less. As a result, miners manage to reduce costs and extend equipment life.

With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency Dash, the ASIC producers have set the task of creating a new ASIC miner that provides fast production. The following models hit the Asik rating for X11:

  1. Innosilicon A5 DashMaster is a productive ASIC miner, distinguished by a solid speed of operations (32.5 GC / s) and reliability. It significantly bypassed the once popular Bitmain Antminer D3 and deservedly became more attractive for miners. The device has the best efficiency (due to the optimal ratio of hashrate and consumption), is notable for reliability and long-lasting resource. Power only 0.75 watts, which helps to reduce the payback period. In the case of this parameter, as in the situation with the hashrate, a two-sided error of 8% is allowed. On the official website, the device is priced at 2.78 thousand dollars. If you make a calculation of profitability on March 10, for 30 days using Innosilicon A5 DashMaster you can earn somewhere 240 dollars. This means that the cost of purchasing equipment is covered up to 11-12 months.
  2. iBeLink DM22G. If we consider the devices running on X11, it is worth to highlight the model DM22G, equipped with a TNB0303 microprocessor. The performance of ASIC is 22 GC / s (the indicator can be adjusted in both directions by 5%). With such a performance, the device has a relatively low power of 810 W, which is considered a big plus for miners. Setup does not take much time, because to start mining, you need to connect the device to the network and insert the Ethernet wire. Features of the model – rapid troubleshooting, thanks to a self-diagnostic system, comparative compactness and ease of setup. The chips are cooled by five coolers operating at maximum speed and guaranteeing cooling efficiency. There is no price on the developer’s official website, but in ordinary online stores the run is very wide – from 5.5 to 7 thousand dollars. With regard to profitability, on March 10, 2018 using iBeLink DM22G X11 / Dash Miner you can get $ 143 per month (when mining Dash). Therefore, payback does not come soon. But do not discard the device, because with the rising cost of Dash cryptocurrency, miner’s income will also increase.
  3. Pinidea ASIC X11 Pinidea ASIC X11 Miner DR-100. In terms of performance, this model loses to competitors (the hashrate is only 19 GH / s), but the price of the device is about $ 1,000, which makes the purchase more attractive to miners. Power consumption device 0.9 kW. In the new model, the developers have improved the structure of the “stuffing” and achieved better performance. In addition, the device is compact (38x18x15 cm) and can be easily used in an apartment. Monthly income in the case of the model on March 10, 2018 is $ 110. If we proceed from the price on the official website, the costs are covered up to 10 months.
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ASIC Master ModelSpeed, GC / secpower, kWtCost, USDPayback in months
Innosilicon A5 DashMaster32,50,75278011–12
iBeLink DM22G X11/Dash Miner220,815500–700040–50
Pinidea ASIC X11 Miner DR-100190,999010

The table shows that the most interesting option is the Miner DR-100, which, despite its low productivity, has the best payback. But it is worth considering that if the complexity of the cryptocurrency network increases, the efficiency of the device will also decrease. To offset this risk, it is better to give preference to Innosilicon A5 DashMaster.

ASIC miners for other algorithms

Antminer-X3- ASIC miners for other algorithms

In addition to the examined asics, let us pay attention to the Siacoin mining apparatus on the Blake algorithm (2b). We are talking about the device Bitmain Antminer A3, built on the new type of chips VM1720, the total number of which on the ASIC boards is 180 units. Device performance 815 GH / sec. As for power, it is 1275 watts.

The characteristics of Bitmain Antminer A3 on the Blake (2b) algorithm should include:

Noise level76 dB
Weight4.2 kg
Number of boards3
DimensionsDimensions 32.1×12.5×20.8 cm
Cost of980 dollars (on the official site)

No less interesting solution was proposed by the company BW (model E-21), which launched the apparatus for the extraction of Ethereum. The product is a special farm that is sold without video cards (this equipment can be bought separately). For maximum profit, it is recommended to mine Ethereum ETH.

Characteristics of BW E-21 for the extraction of Ethereum:

Power0.8–0.9 kW
SSD Drive63 GB
CPUCPU 1037U @ 1.8G (Intel Celeron)
The size46.8×34.1×13.3 cm

How to choose the best ASIC miner in 2018?

The above are devices that are characterized by high performance, have an optimal payback and are tested in operation. All manufacturers have proven themselves from the best side, which allows you to make a purchase without fear and rely on a stable profit. But it is worth considering a number of nuances. In particular, choosing the best ASIC-Miner 2018, it is worth taking into account the prospects of the selected algorithm and, accordingly, the trends of cryptocurrency. With the increasing complexity of the network, the efficiency of the miner may fall, and the rate of return will change.

Best ASIC for mining for mining cryptocurrency for 2018

Standard ASIC for mining cryptocurrency is made in the form of a chip. It is not amenable to firmware and is characterized by high performance. Qualitative models are completed with several processors created on the chip base, power supply units and coolers. Having understood what ASIK for mining is, we will determine the equipment selection parameters:

  • hashrate efficiency;
  • electricity consumption – such devices consume a lot of energy and before acquiring a certain sample, it is necessary to compare the power of the network and the device;
  • value for money ratio – determines the payback period of the ASIK miner.

Before you decide to acquire ASIC, we immediately notice that now it is more profitable to invest these funds in cloud mining services, where you rent the power of the same ASIKs, but they are located in a remote data center and are serviced by the specialists of this service, read more about cloud mining .


Features of ASIC miner Bitmain Antminer A3:

  • Hashing algorithm: Blake2b (all coins of the algorithm);
  • The total number of hash chips (Asic chip BM1720): 3 boards of 60 chips, totaling 180;
  • Hewitt: 815GH / s ± 5%;
  • Power consumption: 1275W + 7%;
  • Efficiency 1.56mJ / Mh + 7%;
  • DC input: 11.60 ~ 13.00 V;
  • Operating Temperature: 0-40;
  • Storage temperature: -40-85;
  • Operating humidity: 5% RH-95% relative humidity;
  • Weight 4.2 kg (6.5 kg with box);
  • Noise 76 dB;
  • Size (length * width * height, without packaging): 321mm * 125mm * 208mm;

Like all ASIKIs of this manufacturer, the Antminer A3 is sold without an APW3 ++ power supply, which must be purchased separately. If you don’t know 815Gh / s is a lot or a little, then for comparison you can take a top-end GTX1080ti video card with a cost of more than 1000 USD. On the Blake (2b) algorithm, the video card produces no more than 3Gh / s with power consumption of 200-250W.

Thus, the purchase of one such Ashik is equivalent to the purchase of 270 Nvidia GTX1080ti video cards. Apart from the cost of buying motherboards, power supply processors, you will spend a fortune of $ 270,000 just for one video card to achieve an equivalent hashrate when mining SIA.

The expected profitability in the first months of mining on such equipment gives today about 600-700 dollars a day, i.e. pays such a miner in just 4 days. Naturally, this situation will not last long, and with the saturation of the market with new ASICs, the yield will fall, displacing all video cards from mining SIA cryptocurrency.

The main difference between SIA and other cryptocurrencies is the ability to purchase decentralized file storages for this coin. Those. In addition to mining, you can earn by donating your disk space for use by other users of the system.

Prices are changing, request today’s price:

⇒ Calculate the profit of the miner on the mining calculators.

⇒ Rating of ASIK miners by algorithms, manufacturers, hash rate, energy consumption and energy efficiency of mining for 2018

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GPU-Z 2.1.0

In the version of GPU-Z 2.1.0, in contrast to the GPU-Z.1.20.0 (and previous versions), the “ASIC Quality” tab was missing in the settings. It may have been removed “as unnecessary”, but I believe that this was useful information, especially if it was possible to choose between several or for the selection of their work in the mode SLI. I sometimes do resell and for me it was useful. When I had several identical cards, I could “postpone for acquaintances” vidya hu with the best “ASIC Quality” – it, as a rule, was “colder”, better accelerated independently and worked at higher frequencies. If the bookmark is not returned back, then I don’t already know what else this “ASIC Quality” can be viewed. So far I have left for myself both versions – the last and the previous one.

don’t be stupid prog does not require installation. you probably confuse it with CPU-Z, there are two versions of the cpuz_x32 and cpuz_x64 versions and you can download the installation or portable version. In addition, this option makes changes to the registry. The card is buggy, the lights on it are buggy, XTREME GAMING ENGINE is buggy, in games there are freezes, performance is falling. removing this obscenity does not help. you have to remove the firewood through the DDU and prog (XTREME GAMING ENGINE) to clean the registry manually, and only after that re-install the new firewood

This is exactly the case with this translated version. easier to reinstall Windows than fucking know how much time

Utility GPU-Z 0.5.8 acquired the innovation ASIC quality

GPU-Z utility. Serving as a convenient means of reading information about the graphics adapter, it was updated to version 0.5.8 the day before. The key innovations for GPU-Z 0.5.8 are two. The first, 3D load test, serves to diagnose the bandwidth of the PCI Express bus in “gaming” mode. You can start it by clicking on the question mark in the main tab of the program (Graphics Card). It is three lines below the ATI or Nvidia logo.

The second function, ASIC quality or “processor quality”, is registered in the context menu of the GPU-Z (right-click on the window title). It is designed specifically for video adapters Nvidia Fermi (GF10x and GF11x) and Southern Islands (Radeon HD 7800 and older). ASIC quality quantifies the quality of a GPU as a percentage, based on information about electrical leaks.

The list of other changes is as follows:

  • Fixed crash when reading data from old ATI cards;
  • added voltage monitoring for Radeon HD 7970;
  • Improved real-time HD 7970 frequency monitoring
  • fixed detection algorithm for OpenCL support for AMD Antilles, Whistler, Seymour, Blackcomb;
  • improved algorithm for reading factory frequencies for the Radeon HD 7970 and AMD graphic APUs;
  • Added support for AMD FirePro V7900, HD 6930, HD 7690M, HD 6410D and Nvidia Tesla C2075, GeForce GT 630M graphics accelerators;
  • Corrected information about Intel Sandy Bridge embedded video processors.
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in connection with the update utility GPU-ZSklanovtsy, who is not too lazy, you can put out just such a thing:

Starting with GPU-Z 0.5.8, the ability to determine the quality of chips on the 400500th series of cards has been added

Added function to display ASIC quality for Fermi and Southern Islands. (Located in the GPU-Z system menu)

So much for Evg. chip quality is lower than ledek. D

Latest version of GPU-Z (

So much for Evg. chip quality is lower than ledek. That’s it, EVGA will stop taking: D

Check on your 590th if not difficult. ) I wonder who wrote what. (evil)

damn, I still had a sock 470 on it the voltage was 1012. (think) the chip was completely fig. x it would probably be less than 50 at all. | – (

everything turns out to be logical and simple: the greater the voltage needed to work in the nominal, the worse the chip in quality. x

GPU-Z 2.15.0 – System, GPU-Z, information, freeware, video cards

A new version of the program for getting information about the graphics adapter. GPU-Z supports NVIDIA and ATI graphics cards. The utility will help determine which video card model is installed on your computer, learn the connection interface, tell you which graphics processor is used (BIOS version, chip revision number, frequency in 2D, 3D modes and overclocking, information about DirectX support).

In addition, the GPU-Z provides information about the video memory, namely its type, size, bus width.

Key Features:

  • Support for NVIDIA, ATI and Intel graphics cards
  • Display information about the display adapter, graphics processor and display
  • Displays frequencies during acceleration, default and 3D (if available)
  • Checking results
  • No installation required

Changes in version 2.12.0:

  • Added detection for fake graphics cards using old relabeled NVIDIA GPUs (G84, G86, G92, G94, G96, GT215, GT216, GT218, GF108, GF106, GF114, GF116, GF119, GK106)
  • Added BIOS saving capability for NVIDIA Turing
  • Added monitoring for multiple fans on Turing
  • Added fan speed % monitoring on Turing
  • Added HDMI and DisplayPort info to Advanced -> NVIDIA
  • Power draw on NVIDIA cards is now reported in both TDP % and Watt
  • Fixed system hang caused by Valve anti-cheat
  • Fixed memory bandwidth on Turing with GDDR6
  • Fixed tooltip for system memory usage sensor
  • Fixed broken Radeon RX 400 GPU usage monitoring on newer drivers

Changes in version 2.13.0:

  • Fixed missing fan speed sensors for pre-Turing cards using GeForce driver 400 and newer
  • Fixed some rare crashes during GPU-Z startup
  • Minimize on close will now trigger on «Close» button click, Escape key, ALT+F4. Use the tray icon menu to exit GPU-Z when «minimize on close» is enabled.
  • Screenshot button tooltip will no longer be visible in screenshots

Changes in version 2.14.0:

  • When available, boost clock is used to calculate fillrate and texture rate
  • Fixed missing Intel GPU temperature sensor
  • Fixed wrong clocks on some Intel IGP systems («12750 MHz»)
  • NVIDIA power sensors now labeled with «W» and «%»
  • Added support for Intel Coffee Lake Refresh

Changes in version 2.15.0:

  • Added hardware giveaway (to the left of «close» button): 2x PowerColor Radeon RX 590 Red Devil, 2x AMD Ryzen 2600X, 15x $30 Steam coupon
  • Fixed Quadro K4000 and K2100M detected as fake
  • Added support for AMD Radeon RX 590
  • Added support for Intel Whiskey Lake, UHD Graphics 617 (Macbook Air 2018)
  • Added support for NVIDIA Tesla V100-SXM2-32GB
  • Fixed Vega 20 release date

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 (both 32 and 64 bit versions)

To Download the program GPU-Z 2.15.0 (5.24 MB):

Asiki for mining (ASIC) what is it the principle of operation

Asiki for mining (ASIC)

In this article you will learn what Asiki (from the English ASIC) is for mining. Translated from the English application-specific integrated circuit means “integrated circuit special purpose.” This equipment, which is made to solve a strictly specific problem. If we talk about ASIC (asik) for mining, then in essence it is “all in one”: a power unit, a cooling device and a small board on which the CPU, ROM, RAM and other units are located. And if the video cards were not originally created for mining, then such iron is “sharpened” precisely for this task.

Let us take as an example the AMD Radeon RX 580 graphics card popular among Bitcoin miners. It costs about 26,000 p., And its mining capacity is 1.5 GH / s. We put ASIC AntMiner R4 against it: at a cost of ~US 6772 (subjected to change) . its power is 8.7 TH / s. The difference is obvious.

(ASIC) what is it the principle of operation

Moreover, manufacturers of mining ASICs create them for the extraction of a certain cryptocurrency. They select components and set up software in ASIC in such a way that it best copes with solving problems using a specific algorithm on which a particular cryptocurrency is built (for example, SHA-256 for bitcoin mining). That is, in theory, asik for Bitcoin can be used for mining another cryptocurrency, but its performance in this case will not be impressive.

But if the video card can then be plugged into a computer and quietly play various games with it, then this cannot be done with ASIC – they have very simplified operating systems installed, whose abilities are “sharpened” especially for cryptocurrency mining.

For example, ASIC, he is a Chinese brand company Yunhui Antminer S5 Bitcoin, mined with a bitcock 7 times faster than a video card of class 1060, while it costs like one video card. Now it is the best selling Asik on aliexpress. 99% of positive reviews, which is not surprising, because it is not “basement” China.

The scale of mining in China

The scale of mining in China

So, which country mines the most bitcoins, it became clear. This is China with its bitcoin mining plants. They are also called farms, and photos in the network confirm the scale of mining. By the way, these facilities belong not to a specific audience of miners, but to individual Chinese companies:

  • BW.
  • AntPool
  • F2Pool.
  • BTCC and others

Studies have shown that in the world there are less than two dozen. They extract the most bitcoins. That is, in fact, the bitcoin mining market is concentrated in several hands – the owners of large companies.

Chinese companies build entire farms

This suggests some conclusions. Bitcoin itself has a completely decentralized technology – independent of anyone. But with mining, things are a little different. Here, all the cards are focused on those who have the most equipment (capacity). The more video cards you have, servers, processors, the more you can get. And when Chinese companies build entire farms by type of factories, then, of course, they account for the largest volume of production.

It turns out that mining is already decentralized, that is, controlled by a certain group of companies from China. But do not worry that there will be no place on the market, it will always be, only it is becoming more and more difficult to extract bitcoins, and the remuneration decreases. If Chinese companies leave the market, others will come. There will be a substitution, but so far China is the leader in bitcoin production.

Why China?

Why China bitcoin

The United States, Russia and even Europe – all of them are covered by a cryptocurrency fever and also mine Bitcoins. But why exactly China pulled the blanket and occupies a leading place in terms of mining? There is no need to guess, everything is obvious. We will simply list the key features of this country, thanks to which it became the first and most Bitcoin mining:

  • China is a high-tech republic. This country accounts for the largest number of patents and developments. Previously, the Chinese copied what has already been invented and is in great demand. Now they set the trends themselves. Therefore, mining bitcoins for them has become a simple and quickly solvable problem.
  • It is here that produce high-quality video cards at affordable prices. It is much cheaper for Chinese companies to buy them domestically and use them for themselves. The same applies to processors, server, mining peripherals. Other countries buy equipment with a surcharge, so mining for them is often not so profitable. They are engaged in the extraction of bitcoins not on such an industrial scale.
  • The Chinese quickly realized that it was better to mine cryptocurrency on huge farms. Each of these belongs to the concert companies. Due to the large capacity, bitcoin mining is faster and larger than in other countries.

The answer to the question of which country mines the most bitcoins, could be given without studying statistics. China is an advanced state in which new technologies are a strategic direction. The owners of the company quickly realized that you need to connect the maximum power. Only then can the highest number of bitcoins be mined.

What depends on the volume of mining Bitcoins in any country

What depends on the volume of mining Bitcoins in any country

Suffice it to recall the cost of mining, even at home. To extract bitcoins are needed:

  1. Equipment, preferably powerful, high-speed, latest models. These include video cards, processors, chips, peripherals, fans, etc. In China, this stuff is enough, and even at an affordable price.
  2. Electricity. Mining takes a large amount of electricity. Many countries can not afford such costs, and even publicly prohibit the extraction of cryptocurrency. In China, many electricity suppliers can transmit it even in abundance. The problem with ventilation and cooling equipment is also easily solved.
  3. The low cost of electricity, that is, the mining costs of bitcoins are noticeably lower than in other countries.

According to the latest data, about 60% of hash-bitcoins are mined in China. Do not forget about the total bans on the stock exchange and the cryptocurrency itself. It turns out that Chinese miner companies continue their detail in the same way as before. Studies show that mining one Bitcoin in China costs $ 3,170. Show less than in Russia or the United States. It is associated with low cost of electricity.

Now the Chinese government has turned on its regulators and tightened the conditions for miners, the work of crypto-burg. In general, cryptocurrency is banned. Therefore, there is a high probability that Chinese companies will transfer their facilities to another country. How it will be in the future is not yet known for sure.

 start mining bitcoin

If you like cryptocurrency mining, almost everyone knows where to start: you should buy equipment, download a program, calculate profit and payback period. How much money brings mining this year, which video card and program to choose – we will tell in the article. It contains detailed instructions for a beginner who decided to start mining.

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