How to connect to HiveOS using SSH Teleconsole: It’s So Easy It’s That Easy

How to connect to hive using SSH Teleconsole: Teleconsole is an SSH tunnel with your rig, with which you can connect to the Hive OS operating system. This procedure is performed as follows:

  • we launch in the riga;
  • we connect to the rig via ssh connection using a browser or Linux / Mac console.

The indisputable advantage of Teleconsole is the ability not to use VPN, and there is no need to be in the same local network with the rig.

The process of connecting to the HIVE OS rig via Teleconsole:

we register the command from the Linux console – telec start;

paste the proposed link, before copying it, into the browser line, or write it manually – teleconsole join;

To test the functionality, you should check the operability of the commands: ” stop“, ” telec“, ” log open“.

Teleconsole is integrated into HIVE OS, but it does not start automatically. You can activate it using the web interface. It is simply impossible to pick up the session identifier, so it is a kind of random username and password. If the connection to the rig is not established within an hour, then the provided link will no longer be able to be used, and the Teleconsole daemon will cease to function.