HTC Exodus 1 – gift for Bitcoin Games players

HTC Exodus 1 - gift for Bitcoin Games players

The Bitcoin price rises above $ 7500

Contrary to expectations, the price of Bitcoin has started to rise in the last 24 hours. The cryptocurrency with the largest market cap is currently trading at over $ 7500. BTC managed to reach $ 7730 during the day, according to CoinmarketCap.

Altcoins followed the example of Bitcoin, increasing between 2 and 10%. overall, the total valuation of the crypto market again exceeded $ 205 billion.

Poloniex acquires the largest DEX based on TRON

The Poloniex exchange announced that it has acquired TRXMarket, the first and largest decentralized exchange in the Tron ecosystem. As a result of this acquisition, TRXMarket has been renamed to Poloni DEX and will operate under the Poloniex umbrella.

“TRXMarket, one of the 127 Super-representatives on the TRON network, boasts a volume of transactions of 30 million per week and has long been in the top ten DApp in volume of transactions,”

commented the Poloniex spokesman.

“The excellent performance of the TRON blockchain along with its considerable decentralized trading volume and rich experience in operations is exactly what Poloniex needed to expand its DeFi ecosystem.”

Robinhood withdraws application to become bank

Robinhood’s stock trading platform has decided that it is no longer interested in becoming a federally insured bank. A few months ago, the company applied for bank status at the Office of the Currency Controller (OCC) in the US.

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According to the statement, the company has decided to give up these plans to focus on improving existing services.

“We voluntarily withdraw the OCC’s application to become a national bank. Robinhood will continue to focus on increasing participation in the financial system and challenging the industry to better serve everyone. “

HTC Exodus 1 smartphone – gift for Bitcoin Games players

Bitcoin Games gives players the opportunity to win cryptocurrencies and a HTC Exodus 1. Smartphone applies to the exclusive Slot, Roulette and Keno games of the site or any of the recently launched slots.

The gaming platform has increased the rewards for the ongoing promotion of Leaderboard Games Stars to celebrate Black Friday. The prize pool for the top 10 places was doubled to $ 2,000 for each of the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash Games. The first three players in each ranking will also receive a new HTC Exodus 1 smartphone.

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