In Europe, they spoke out against limiting the price of oil transportation by sea

MOSCOW, 3 Oct — PRIME. Hungary, Cyprus, Greece and Malta have opposed capping the cost of oil transported by sea, Politico reports citing European diplomats.

EU permanent representatives discuss new sanctions against Russia

“A number of countries continue to put up obstacles – Hungary, not surprisingly, as well as Cyprus, Greece and Malta, whose tankers carry most of the Russian oil,” the publication says.

According to the information, the EU ambassadors on Monday will continue to discuss the tightening of anti-Russian sanctions, while limiting the price of oil exports by sea could be an important part of the new package. According to the publication, the measures can be approved until Friday.

“There will be no package of sanctions without limiting oil prices,” one of the newspaper’s interlocutors said.

Western countries have introduced tough restrictive measures against Russia in connection with a special operation in Ukraine. The sanctions also affected the energy sector. Against this backdrop, Europe is faced with an intensifying energy crisis, rising fuel prices and a shortage of raw materials.

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oil storage

Oil rises sharply ahead of OPEC+ meeting

In early September, the finance ministers of the G7 member countries agreed to limit the price of Russian oil. As noted, the initial level of price caps will be adopted on the basis of technical aspects and may be revised in the future. In addition, it is allowed to introduce additional measures to ensure the effectiveness of the introduced measure.

Last week, Bloomberg reported that the European Union wants to ban European ships from carrying Russian oil if the volume of its purchase exceeds the agreed limit.

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