In Italy, they told how the cessation of gas supplies from Russia threatens the country

ROME, Sep 1 – PRIME. Russia’s possible shutdown of gas supplies to Italy threatens a deficit of 4 billion cubic meters, which will not be able to cover the filling of underground storage, said Carlo Bonomi, president of the General Confederation of Italian Industry (Confindustria).

Italy warns of power and gas rationing threat

“If Russia completely suspended gas shipments, we would have a hole of 4 billion cubic meters, which remained even if the storage facilities were 90% full,” Bonomi said on Rtl 102.5 radio. This situation, said the leader of Confindustria, threatens to stop almost a fifth of Italian production.

“Therefore, in the worst case scenario, we have to think about a rationing strategy, but this will mean endangering thousands of companies, thousands of jobs and the incomes of thousands of Italian families,” Bonomi said.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi said last week that Italy had filled more than 80% of its underground gas storage capacity, meeting its target of 90% by October.

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At the same time, the Italian government intends to implement energy saving measures from October, which will literally be felt by the population of the country. According to the Nova news agency, Minister for Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani presented at a meeting of the Council of Ministers on Thursday the government’s plan to save energy resources, according to which, from October 1, the air temperature in all public institutions and apartment buildings with central heating will not exceed 19 degrees, and working hours batteries will be reduced by an hour.

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