In Moldova assessed the ability of the population to pay for gas and electricity

CHISINAU, 30 Aug – PRIME. Only one percent of Moldovan citizens will be able to pay their bills for heating and electricity in full at the current tariffs, Social Security Minister Marcel Spatar said on television on the Vocea Basarabiei (Voice of Bessarabia) TV channel.

Moldova continues to disconnect debtors from gas

He noted that the country is preparing for the winter and the Cabinet of Ministers is developing a mechanism for providing compensation so that the state guarantees the ability of citizens to pay their bills. About 60% of people spend two-thirds of their income on paying for electricity and gas, and they will be included in the category of recipients of maximum compensation, Spatar added.

“Another 15% will receive increased compensation and, accordingly, only 1% of the population can afford to pay the full cost of gas and electricity,” he said.

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The Minister clarified that all citizens will have to fill out an electronic “energy vulnerability form”, in which they must indicate the family’s income, the number of its members, the method of heating in winter, and what share of expenses is occupied by accounts in the family budget.

“This information will be verified with the data of fiscal and law enforcement agencies. If the declared amounts are higher than those known to the state, then the known value will be taken into account when calculating compensation. Citizens will also be required to fill out a declaration of personal responsibility,” he explained.


In the Gagauz autonomy of Moldova expressed concern over the lack of firewood

Moldova is experiencing an energy crisis due to rising energy prices. The central authorities of the republic are making attempts to provide the country with firewood, coal and fuel oil. In early August, the National Energy Regulatory Agency (ANRE) increased the gas tariff for consumers from 18.62 lei to 23 lei per cubic meter (from 96 cents to 1.2 dollars). At the same time, the price of gas from Gazprom in August is $1,458, and, according to forecasts for September, it will be $1,692 per thousand cubic meters.

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On February 24, the Moldovan authorities introduced a state of emergency in the country due to the situation in Ukraine and the energy crisis. At this time, the Commission for Emergency Situations can intervene promptly and, if necessary, make decisions, in addition to those established by the current regulatory framework, to provide all consumers with energy resources and maintain the energy security of the state.

Against the backdrop of rising prices and tariffs, including for gas and electricity, rallies and protests are taking place in the country.

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