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In-Win 904 – Conseil: Review | Test | Specs | Price | CPU Performance| Hashrate| Setup| Config | Advantage (Pros) and Disadvantages (Cons) and other important features that will help you make better

Today marks the arrival of a new brand at Conseil Config, In Win! Very known for making high-end cases with looks more atypical than the others In Win allowed me to test today its ATX 904 case, of a foolproof sobriety all aluminum and tempered glass , what does the 904 box reserve for us? This is what we will see!

Specification: In Win 904

In Win 904
Motherboard compatibility ATX
Materials 4mm thick aluminum exterior
5mm thick black smoked tempered glass panels
Number of berries 1 x 5,25″
3 x 3,5″ ou 2,5″
2 x 2,5″
Fan location (s) 1 x 12 or 14 cm at the bottom
1 x 9 cm at the back
Fan (s) supplied No
Expansion slots 8
Front connectors 4 x USB3
2 x Jack 3,5 mm
Features 1 x removable aluminum panel cable cover at the back
1 x removable filter at the bottom
3 x trolleys with integrated Sata connectors
Openings for water-cooling
Compatible power supply ATX, maximum length 16cm
graphics card length
~ 36 cm
CPU cooling height
14,5 cm
Dimensions 49 (l) x 49 (H) x 19.2 (L) cm
Weight 12 Kg
Guarantee 2 years
Price ~ 160€

The dimensions of the beast are rather moderate with 49 cm high and deep by 19.2cm thick, on the other hand this small thickness leads to restrictions that may put off some with a maximum height of 14.5cm for the CPU cooler. The weight of 12kg is rather high for a case of this size, the tempered glass panels are not for nothing!
The number of bays is limited with 3 3.5 ″ / 2.5 ″ slots and 2 dedicated 2.5 ″ slots, this will remain sufficient for 99% of the population, however, note that the 3.5 ″ slots are removable racks compatible with “hotswap” and can so be pre-wired, which is really great and this feature should be present in more boxes.
Unfortunately, there are no fans supplied with the box, which leaves the user the choice to choose the fans he wants, it will be possible to install a 12 or 14 cm fan towards the bottom of the box. and a 9 cm fan at the rear, a poor choice I find for the rear fan when the current standard is rather 12 or 14cm.

Offered at a price of around 160 € the 904 is made of a large aluminum plate and tempered glass, let’s see if it’s worth its price!


Sobriety is in order here with a white card, only the model and the brand are present, thank you In Win for not attacking the buyer with tons of marketing slogans 🙂


On the sides of the box, sobriety is always the order of the day, with a listing of functions and complete characteristics. Still no excessive marketing here, I can only agree with it.


When opening the box we find 4 large pieces of foam that hold the case in place, the protections are excellent and the case is very unlikely to arrive damaged due to transport.


Here we are in the presence of the contents of the box, the 904 is wrapped in a black fabric to protect it from scratches during transport, the glass will thank him! The bundle comes in a handy resealable plastic pouch, let’s take a closer look!


Here is the beast! The unique 4mm aluminum plate that covers the underside, the front and the top is the most beautiful effect and really gives a classy side to the object, the side panels in 5mm smoked tempered glass do not mar the classy side . The finish is simply perfect, no complaints, we feel that the quality is there. It’s time to take the owner’s tour.


The front facade shows a foolproof minimalism with brushed aluminum for the most beautiful effect, only the In Win logo is present at the bottom left. It goes without saying that the front facade has its effect and will delight fans of minimalism.


On the sides, sobriety is once again the order of the day with black smoked tempered glass panels of the most beautiful effect held by 4 black hand screws, we can see the connectors at the bottom right.


A sticker is present on the side panel saying to be careful when handling it, tempered glass is not really the most solid so special attention should be paid!


4 USB 3.0 ports are present as well as 2 3.5mm jack ports to connect a headset, the power button is aligned and is inlaid, the pressure is very flexible and pleasant. The build quality is once again at the top.


At the rear there is a removable aluminum plate equipped with hand screws to be easily removed, the main purpose of this plate is to hide the cables and keep the continuity of the aluminum.


Once the grille has been removed, the manufacturing quality is still excellent and the fixed thumbscrews are very practical.


Once the plate has been removed we find a rather classic rear, 8 extension brackets, 1 location for a 9 cm fan, 1 opening for water-cooling pipes as well as the location of the power supply, nothing very special!


Under the connector is a removable cover allowing the installation of the one and only 5.25 ″ peripheral, there is no doubt it will be well hidden and will not detract from the look of the whole.


The dust filter is located below the connector and is removable and magnetic, I want to say that it is of a quality that I have never seen for a dust filter, In Win really has the attention to detail when it comes to quality.
Now let’s move on to the interior presentation!


Here is the interior of the beast! Quality once again at the rendezvous, several openings to pass the cables through the back of the motherboard, 3 racks for 3.5 ″ / 2.5 ″ drives, 2 2.5 ″ slots etc. Let’s take a closer look.


You can see the 3 3.5 ″ slots, all 3 pre-wired to allow easy connection and change, just put the hard drive in the cart, slide it into the slot and everything is plugged in! A feature that should be present in more boxes.


For 2.5 ″ drives / SSDs, all you have to do is unscrew the hand screw, screw the drive using the 4 screws provided and replace the plate in the case, nothing could be simpler!


A removable plate is there to accommodate the 12/14 cm suction fan, just unscrew it with the hand screw, screw the fan to the plate and put everything back in place, again nothing could be simpler .


The 8 brackets are black, unfortunately they do not have ventilation holes, so the air will not circulate here, or very little.


A small sticker is present at the level of the power supply showing the direction of installation, it is of course necessary to place the fan upwards because there is no ventilation at the bottom.


At the back of the motherboard there is 2.5cm of space to store the cables, it will be necessary to pay special attention to them otherwise you will not be able to replace the side panel.


The internal cables are rather well supplied, we find the 3 Sata power cables, 3 Sata cables, 2 USB3 connectors, 1 connector for the jacks and 1 cables for the LEDs, power buttons etc. The whole is black sheathed and is once again of impeccable quality.
Now that the owner’s turn is over, it’s time for the bundle!


the bundle consists of:

  • 1 installation manual
  • 10 plastic necklaces
  • 4 plastic ties for cable storage
  • 1 adaptateur USB 3.0 -> USB 2.0
  • 1 8-pin extension
  • 1 24-pin extension
  • 1 cloth to clean the side panels
  • The necessary screws in individual bags

As we can see the bundle is really ultra complete and will allow an easier installation, the extensions are really an excellent addition on the other hand it is a shame not to have them in braided version. The fabric for cleaning the side panels is also a little extra and proves that In Win once again has an eye for detail!

The configuration used during the tests is as follows:

The configuration changes compared to the tests of other boxes because the height available for the processor and graphics card cooler is too low to accommodate the NH-D15 and the Accelero S1. For the purposes of the test, I therefore installed a Noctua NH-C12 SE14 on the processor and put back the original cooler of the XFX 7870 Black edition.
In addition, the box will be tested initially, ie without fans and subsequently with a Noctua NF-A9 PWM in extraction and a Noctua NF-P14 in suction, and this in 5V and 12V. .


Here is the beast once mounted! It will be necessary to play all the stratagems to hide as much as possible the cables, indeed with the 2.5cm of space at the back of the motherboard the cables will not all fit if they are intermingled. The components were assembled without a hitch, the SSD is very easy to install, as well as the hard drive in its rack. The space for the motherboard is rather tight with an ATX motherboard, there is not a lot of space on the sides. A word about the installation of the power supply, given the little space available for the cables, it is really necessary to have a modular one otherwise you will not even be able to fit everything through the hole, see instead:


Space is precious here, the modular cables leave almost at 90 ° to go directly behind the motherboard, there are also all the cables coming from the front connectors which arrive here, so be careful with the choice of power supply.

In order to test the box, I will carry out an OCCT Power Supply test for 30mins and then take the temperatures of the main components such as the processor (average of the 4 cores), the motherboard, the graphics card as well as the hard drive.

Regarding noise pollution, I will proceed as in the file on silent PCs namely 1 statement in front, right, left, rear and above. All these tests will be done as standard without fans and with the Noctua set to 5V and 12V.



At rest, the temperatures are quite good for the processor, motherboard and graphics card in the In Win 904, given the low consumption of the components, this is rather normal. On the other hand with regard to the hard drive.
The little raptor tending to overheat it is really not at ease here, indeed when the air flow is nonexistent it rises to 49 °, with the addition of a 5V fan it only goes down of a small degree and goes down to 45 ° once the fan below is in 12V. The reason is simple, the fan of the case located below the graphics card, the latter diverts the air flow towards its 2 fans and therefore very little air arrives at the top of the case, I advise not to put a disk hard which heats excessively under penalty of having temperatures of madness.


Ambient sound level: 31dB

The noise level at rest, whether original or with the Noctua in 5V is very good, once in 12V the noise pollution is gone. Several elements are involved, on the one hand the vibrations that come from the raptor can be heard when the hard drive is not working, while it is writing or reading, on the other hand, all the vibrations are transmitted to the chassis and it’n is clearly not silent at all. On the other hand the fans also vibrate the frame, having no anti-vibration system integrated into the tower they are happy. The noise generated does not come so much from the noise of the air flow but in large part from the vibrations of the various components.


The rotation of the PWM fans of the processor and the graphics card does not change with the additional airflow coming from the 2 Noctua fans.



It must be very hot inside the original In Win 904! With 73 ° for the processor, 82 ° for the graphics card, 45 ° for the motherboard and especially the small raptor which suffocates with its 50 °, it is certainly not advisable to install a “gamer” configuration in the box. without adding fans!

Once the fans have been added the temperatures decrease a little in 5V despite the very low air flow of the 2 Noctua, in 12V the temperatures are much better and the components breathe a little more, all this should however be at the expense of noise pollution, let’s see that!


Ambient sound level: 31dB

With the 2 noctuas in 5V the In Win 940 is less noisy when charging than the original one without fans, which is quite normal and can be explained on the PWM graph below. With the fans supplied with 12V the noise increases but not that much in the end, as the noise nuisance raised at rest with the fans in 12V the bulk of the noise comes from the vibrations made by the fans and the hard disk.

However, it should be noted that the tests are done under OCCT Power Supply so all the components are pushed to their limits, the machine will make less noise during a game, everything will also depend on the cooler used, and the fans you decide to buy. !


The greater the airflow, the slower the PWM fans of the processor and graphics card spin, no secret here!


Here we are at the end of this test, what about the In Win 904 box?
First of all, the 904 is a top-of-the-range case that relies on manufacturing quality, a look of sobriety and foolproof class and first-rate materials, and we can say that at this level it is a full box! The finish is exceptional and the bundle is also very complete.

However, all is not rosy, the case is not sold with fans, it is rather thin and therefore does not accept the vast majority of tower type coolers with a maximum of 14.5cm in height, the The power supply is tight and the vibrations are very present whether it is at the level of the hard disks or the fans that will be added.

The In Win 904 can be found around 160 € which is already a nice sum for a case, 100% aluminum and tempered glass oblige. Even if the performances are not really top notch and despite the small flaws this case is clearly a crush if you are looking for impeccable quality and a look that will not leave anyone indifferent. Maybe the next box for your pc configuration?


  • Design
  • Build quality
  • 100% Aluminum and tempered glass
  • Bundle
  • Disques 3.5″ « hotswap »


  • No original fans
  • Vibrations
  • Power supply location
  • Cooling limitation

A big thank you to Nelly from In Win who allowed me to do this test.

Where to find the In Win 904?

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