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Test – Silverstone Strider Gold S 1500: Review | Test | Specs | Price | CPU Performance| Hashrate| Setup| Config | Advantage (Pros) and Disadvantages (Cons) and other important features that will help you make better decision.

Hello everyone!

Today I am offering you the test of a power supply that is a little out of the ordinary, indeed after the tiny Silverstone SX-600G it is a power supply that has absolutely nothing to do that I will present to you, the Strider S 1500 Gold! As its name suggests, the power supply is given to provide 1500 Watts and has an 80Plus Gold certification, yes 1500 Watts, enough to power a microwave oven and a PC without the slightest worry

The Silverstone Strider Gold S 1500 will certainly not be food for everyone with its price of around 300 €, let’s see what it has in store for us.


A drink in the Silverstone spirit once again here, very sober and offering a photo of the product, the model and the main characteristics such as the 80Plus Gold certification, the power of 1500 Watts as well as total modularity.
On a smaller scale, we can see that the power supply reaches 1600 Watts peak, that it can run 24/7 at an ambient temperature of 40 °, that the voltage variation will not exceed 3% etc.


At the back, everything is always very sober, a small listing of the main characteristics in 9 different languages ​​as well as a graph of the efficiency according to the applied load, flat modular cables, a graph of the fan RPMs according to the load as well as a small diagram showing the depth of 18cm which is less than other power supplies of this caliber (the ST1500 80Plus Silver from Silverstone is also 22cm deep).


On the sides we find the main technical characteristics, noise level (minimum? Strange), weight, dimensions, MTBF of 100,000 hours, the power distribution table and the number of connectors.


When opening the box we find the manuals placed on the foam surrounding the power supply unit as well as a large box containing the bundle.


Once the upper part of the foam has been removed we find the power supply packed in its plastic bag, and a dust filter, Silverstone has certainly thought of people looking for a power supply to run a large mining machine that is not found not usually in a box, so adding a filter is quite a good point!


Here is the contents of the box, let’s see what we have in the black box 🙂


The bundle consists of:

  • 1 alimentation Silverstone ST1500-GS
  • 1 C19 power cord (high power required)
  • 4 cable ties
  • 4 hose clamps
  • 4 black thumbscrews
  • 4 black screws
  • 2 manuals
  • 1 dust filter 14 cm
  • Modular cables

As you can see the bundle is quite complete, cable ties, thumb screws or normal screws, a dust filter and of course the modular cables, all you need to connect the beast!


Here is the beast! The fan is placed behind a grill with the Silverstone logo in its center, the casing is made of rough black metal with the most beautiful effect. Below you can see the Silverstone logo engraved in the metal. The build quality is excellent and we feel that the product is very well finished.


One side is absent from any notations or other sticker, the other is equipped with a large sticker presenting the power distribution table on the different rails, we can see that the 12V is divided into 2 rails of 70A for a total of 120A combined.


The power supply is therefore as indicated for top 100% modular, each connector (except the 24-pin) has a black plastic cover to prevent dust from coming to play the spoiler! We are entitled to 4 8-pin PCIe connectors, 2 CPU connectors, 4 IDE / Sata peripheral connectors, 1 24-pin connector as well as a small 4-pin which is connected to the 24-pin cable.

The rear is as usual equipped with a grid in the shape of a honeycomb, we can see that the socket is not as we can see in the vast majority of power supplies, indeed given the power of Silverstone power supply was forced to switch to C19 (C13 normally).

Let’s see what we have in store for the Silverstone ST1500-GS in terms of modular cables, with this power there should be a way to connect a very large package of components’

Modular cables

Silverstone Strider S 1500 Gold
24 pin 55 cm
4 + 4 pin (Processor) 75 cm
4 + 4 pin (Processor) 55 cm
6 + 2 pin (Pcie) + 6 + 2 pin (Pcie) 55 + 15 cm
6 + 2 pin (Pcie) + 6 + 2 pin (Pcie) 55 + 15 cm
6 + 2 pin (Pcie) + 6 + 2 pin (Pcie) 55 + 15 cm
6 + 2 pin (Pcie) + 6 + 2 pin (Pcie) 55 + 15 cm
Sata + Sata + Sata + Sata 60 + 15 + 15 + 15 cm
Sata + Sata + Sata + Sata 60 + 15 + 15 + 15 cm
Sata + Sata + Sata + Sata 60 + 15 + 15 + 15 cm
Sata + Sata + Sata + Sata 60 + 15 + 15 + 15 cm
IDE + IDE + IDE + FDD 55 + 15 + 15 + 15 cm
IDE + IDE + IDE + FDD 55 + 15 + 15 + 15 cm

Okay I think the table speaks for itself, 2 x 8-pin CPU sockets, 8 x 6 + 2-pin PCIe sockets, 16 Sata sockets, 6 Molex sockets and 2 floppy drive sockets. Suffice to say that with that there will be no (or it must be done on purpose) configuration capable of overcoming the impressive number of connectors available, a SLI / Crossfire of 4 cards? No worries, 2 processors? No worries, 10 or 15 hard drives? No problem!
The cables are all flat, including the 24-pin which is doubled which saves a little space, the build quality is excellent and they should last over time without the slightest problem.

Specification: Hashrate – Silverstone Strider S 1500 Gold

Silverstone Strider S 1500 Gold
Power 1440 Watts for the + 12V
150 Watts for the + 3.3V and +5 V combined
17.5 Watts on the + 5Vsb
3.6 Watts on the -12V
Number of 12v rails 2 rails of 70A
Maximum efficiency (manufacturer) 90% / 92% / 89% at 20% / 50% / 100% load
Sound level 18 to 34 dB
Modularity Yes 100%
Protections OCP, OVP, UVP, SCP, OPP, OTP
Dimensions 180 x 150 x 86 mm
Weight 3.2 Kg
MTBF 100,000 hours
Guarantee 3 years
Price ~ 300 €

The Silverstone Strider S 1500 Gold therefore offers, as its name suggests, an 80Plus Gold certification as well as a maximum power of 1500 Watts, so 1440 Watts distributed over the 2 12V rails, with such a profusion of power it was necessary to have a high efficiency under penalty of having an uncontrollable heat release if the configuration is very busy. The noise pollution is given for a minimum of 18 dB at rest and 34 dB maximum under load, we will see this during the tests.
Besides the insane power of the Silverstone ST1500-GS it is its size which is also an asset, with 18cm of depth it will be possible to install it in a very large majority of boxes on the market.
The price of around 300 € is average for this type of product, so it is not for everyone, you have to need all this power!

The test platform

The Silverstone Striders S 1500 Gold power supply has been tested on the configuration below:

  • Processor : Intel Core i7 875K @ 3.2 Ghz
  • Motherboard : Asus P7P55D
  • Mémoire: Kingston HyperX 4 x 2 Go 1600Mhz
  • Disque dur: WD Raptor 150 Go
  • Graphics card : Sapphire Toxic 5850

The test protocol

The core i7 875K has been slightly overclocked to 3.2Ghz. The readings in charge were taken during an OCCT Power Supply test, the readings at rest were taken after 15mins on the desk.

The power supply has been tested against:

  • be quiet! E9 580CM (tested here)
  • be quiet! L8 Pure Power 500 (tested here)
  • be quiet! Straight Power 10 500 CM (tested here)
  • Corsair CS450M (tested here)
  • Seasonic S12 600 (de 2006)
  • Seasonic G550 (tested here)
  • Seasonic X650
  • Seasonic P660 (tested here)
  • Seasonic Platinum 460FL (tested here)
  • Silverstone NightJar 520 (tested here)
  • Silverstone SFX SX600-G (tested here)
  • XFX TS-550 Bronze (tested here)

The consumption

Before starting, let’s take a look at the performance of the power supplies compared to the Silverstone ST1500-GS, indeed the different 80Plus certifications will directly influence the consumption, so this will be a good way to have concrete results. Only the S12 600 does not have an 80Plus certification because it did not yet exist at the time of purchase (but the following versions of this power supply had the classic 80Plus certification, so 80% / 80% / 80% to 20% respectively / 50% / 100% load).


As we can see the consumption of the Strider S 1500 Gold is higher than the others at rest with 92 Watts. The result is not bad as one might think at first glance but the power supply is so “big” that very small loads will necessarily consume more than conventional 500 or 600 Watts power supplies, all this simply because the 80Plus Gold certification provides 90% efficiency but at 20% load (which means 300 Watts for the test power supply) when we are barely at around 5%. The moral of the story is as follows, large power supply = large configuration 😀
On load, however, there are no problems, it is completely in line with the 80Plus Gold power supply standard with 354 Watts.
Note that consumption has been recordedto the socket for the complete configuration .

The tensions


The voltages are excellent stability, with the 3.3V going from 3.39V at rest to 3.38V under load, the 5V from 5.09V to 5.08V and the 12V remaining at 11.99V whether it is at rest or in charge! No stability problem will therefore be reported (at least with the load of the test configuration).
So far the results are very good for the Silverstone ST1500-GS, as for noise pollution? Let’s see that right away!

Noise pollution

Warning: Part to be taken with a grain of salt, unfortunately not having access to the appropriate equipment and using an android application to take the readings The measurements below are only indicative! The readings were taken 15cm from the feed.


In terms of noise pollution, the ventilation is rather aggressive at rest, even if it is not noisy and that it will certainly be forgotten once in a box (especially with the kind of configuration for which it is made) I find that pity, in charge the sound level has not moved one iota to stay at 34dB.


Here we are at the end of this test, what about the Silverstone Strider S 1500 Gold? A monstrous power supply quite simply, with 1500 Watts of which 1440 Watts distributed on the 2 12V rails it goes without saying that it will be necessary to go there to scare him, SLI / Crossfire of 4 cards, bi-processor, a huge amount of peripherals etc. ..
The build quality is simply excellent, the modularity is total, the depth makes it a power supply capable of being installed in a very large majority of boxes on the market and the presence of a filter in the bundle is a little more. which can be used when using outside the box as in the case of a mining machine.

In terms of performance, the voltages are very stable, the ventilation is on the other hand a bit aggressive at rest compared to the demanded consumption but does not move even under load (for the test configuration), this is the price to pay to have a lot of power under the elbow.

Offered at a price of around € 300 including tax, it will delight owners of oversized configurations based on a mess of multi-GPUs all overclocked to the core, for “normal” users it will be necessary to turn to a more reasonable model 🙂


  • Stability
  • Build quality
  • 1500 Watts!


  • Not for everybody
  • Price

A big thank you to Marie from Silverstone who allowed me to do this test.

Where to find the Silverstone Striders S 1500 Gold?

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