INK will receive a license for a subsoil plot in the Irkutsk region

MOSCOW, 26 Sep — PRIME. The Irkutsk Oil Company (INC), as the only participant in the auction, will receive a license for the Shestakovskiy subsoil area with promising recoverable gas resources of 30.5 billion cubic meters, follows from the auction materials.

The expert explained why OFZ auctions did not take place

The auction for the Shestakovskiy hydrocarbon block was supposed to take place on September 30, but due to the fact that only one application was submitted, it was declared invalid.

“The presence of one registered application for participation in the auction is the basis for declaring the auction invalid … If the auction is declared invalid due to the presence of only one person whose application meets the requirements of this law and the conditions of the announced auction, the right to use this subsoil block is granted to the sole auction participant with the issuance of a license for the use of subsoil,” the auction materials say.

According to the materials, INK will pay 9.053 million rubles for the license for this site. The site area is 1810.1 square kilometers. Promising (in category D1) recoverable oil resources are 0.6 million tons, gas – 30.5 billion cubic meters, condensate – 0.3 million tons. Forecast (in category D2) resources are 0.2 million tons of oil, 60.3 billion cubic meters of gas.

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As RIA Novosti reported earlier in Rosnedra, in the north the Shestakovskiy site borders on a subsoil plot already provided by INC, in the east – provided by Antey LLC, and in the immediate vicinity of Shestakovskoye in the west there are three subsoil plots provided for use by Gazprom.

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