Intel “strips” its Arc A750 and A770 video cards in the new video

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Intel “strips” its Arc A750 and A770 video cards in the new video

In a video posted on YouTube, Tom Petersen e Ryan Shrout from Intel they literally laid bare the top-of-the-line video cards in the Arc family, the A750 and A770 models. Particular attention has been paid on the struse of the entire video cardseasoning everything with a real one GPU overclocking guide.

Let’s start with this last aspect, a topic that video card manufacturers hardly deal with in the presentation of their cards. In the video Petersen shows Arc Control, the video card control panel. In this specific case, a Arc A750.

Through Arc Control it is possible to modify every parameter related to the card, from the voltage to the GPU clock, passing through the delivered power. In this case, the GPU-only power limit has been raised da 185W a 228Wwhile the clock reached i 2.719 MHz in Hitman 3. A really interesting result, also obtained thanks to the care of the components at the base of the board.

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The two showed the entire structure of the card, shared between the two top of the range. From an aesthetic point of view, the Limited Edition della Arc A770 it is the only one in the range to have four-zone RGB lighting. The custom variants of the partners will most likely also offer lighting, which can be managed directly from Arc Control.

The vapor chamber takes care of cooling the chip through three heatpipes rather generous. Immediately above is a heatsink with a high number of fins which provides a large area through which to dissipate the heat produced. All this translates into a large cooling capacity that allows you to reach a good overclocking margin even with the dissipatore stock. All this, however, with one noise level of only 39 db.

The entire PCB was also shown, where a 6-phase VRM and a dual power connector, one 6-pin and the other 8-pin. Also confirmed the three DisplayPort 2.0 outputs accompanied by a single HDMI 2.1 port. Finally, the video memory is divided into eight modules surrounding the GPUwhich in the case of the Arc 770 can be 1 or 2 GB, for a total of 8 or 16 GB of VRAM.

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In the video, it is repeated that Intel’s new top-of-the-range video cards will hit the market “the soon“, although still today Intel has no specific release date. There was talk of Q3 2022, even if it is now close to the end of the quarter and Intel may have decided to postpone its arrival. Meanwhile, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger posted a post on Twitter stating that a first “load” of cards is coming to market:

In the tweet Gelsinger says he is “enthusiastic” and appears smiling. He apparently does not seem the face of one intent on weakening Intel’s gaming GPU division, as rumored in recent weeks. But you know, CEOs are great showmen, so nothing can be ruled out.

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