Italy warns of power and gas rationing threat

MOSCOW, August 26 – PRIME. If the price of energy resources does not fall, the future government of Italy will be forced to introduce rationing of gas and light consumption, said the leader of the League party Matteo Salvini.

Inflation and rising energy prices lead to job losses in Italy

Earlier it was reported that gas futures prices in Europe rose above $3,300 per 1,000 cubic meters for the first time since March, and fell to about $3,200 by the close of trading. This was evidenced by the data of the London Stock Exchange ICE.

“If the price does not come down, the next government will have to ration electricity and gas, starting with enterprises,” the politician told reporters in Naples.

According to him, Italy, unlike France, does not have its own nuclear reactors, the country is a net importer of electricity.

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Salvini noted that without interference, a situation will arise when the authorities will decide “who will be with heating, who will not, who will turn on the light and who will not.”

The issue of increasing energy tariffs is one of the main topics of the current election campaign in Italy on the eve of the September 25 vote. All parties in their election programs supported the current government’s proposal to introduce a pan-European gas price ceiling. The future voters hold different opinions regarding the return to the use of nuclear energy, investment in renewable sources and the placement of terminals for the processing of liquefied natural gas, which could be supplied by sea.

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