Key role in the crypto industry for Blockchain phones

Key role in the crypto industry for Blockchain phones

HTC and Binance announced a collaboration that led to the EXODUS 1 – Binance Edition smartphone. The phone offers native support for Binance DEX and includes the Binance and TrustWallet application.

The original EXODUS 1 device is the first blockchain smartphone that allows users to hold their own private keys.

The new version of the phone will be available for purchase at the end of November on It can be purchased with cryptocurrencies at the price of $ 599, $ 100 cheaper than the original version. In addition, some buyers will also receive BNB tokens through an airdrop.

“Binance is one of those fearless companies that challenge the traditional boundaries of the way things are done. This limitless vision is one reason HTC EXODUS aspires. I am pleased to support Binance Chain and the related DEX, as it means a partnership with the largest and most liquid crypto exchange. This partnership will create a completely new paradigm for trading and interacting with digital assets ”,

said HTC spokesman Phil Chen.

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Phones will play a key role in the crypto industry

For his part, Binpeng CEO Changpeng Zhao emphasized that phones are ideal for online interaction and that they have a key role in the crypto industry:

“Smartphones are the most natural devices for a crypto wallet. The phone can thus become both a POS terminal and a payment device, eliminating intermediaries. The most innovative smartphone manufacturers integrate cryptocurrencies. We are excited to partner with HTC to enable our users to access Binance Chain and DEX from anywhere. This collaboration will help people to adopt cryptocurrencies and easily use them through a smartphone produced by a company that understands where the future is headed ”,

Zhao said.