Kingston presenta sus memorias FURY Beast DDR5 a 5200MHz –

Almost all companies have already announced their new DDR5 memory modules, and today, apart from having announced the new intel Alder Lake microphones, Kingston presents its FURY Beast DDR5 memory at 5200MHz.

Recall that at the beginning of the month we announced that Kingston received the Intel validation to give the green light to their DDR5 memories, and Kingston, as other companies have done previously, presents its FURY Beast DDR5 memory modules at 5200MHz.

After developing the next generation of DDR memory, Kingston provided more than 10,000 DDR5 UDIMM samples to leading motherboard manufacturers and technology partners in support of the platform launch. By supporting partners from the start, Kingston is doing its part to lay the foundation for a successful product launch.

As you can see in the images, the Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 will have some fantastic low profile heatsinks made of aluminum.