Klimenko explained whether the West can disconnect Russia from the Internet

MOSCOW, 11 Oct — PRIME. To answer the question of whether the West has the technical ability to disconnect Russia from the Internet, it is necessary to specify what exactly is meant by this, German Klimenko, Chairman of the Council of the Digital Economy Development Fund, said during an author’s broadcast on Sputnik radio.

Russia has developed a plan “B” in case of disconnection from the European network

“Can we be disconnected from the foreign Internet? Yes. We have cables on the border with the European Union, dark forces of electricity run along them, and if they are cut, we will lose access to German publications. But we have the same cables through Asia “, through the Far East. Is it possible to turn it off there too? It will be more difficult, because our Asian colleagues in general look at this topic crookedly,” he said.

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In addition, according to the expert, the owners of certain sites can prohibit Russians from using their resources.

“They can ban us, some foreign publications already have a ban on visiting from Russian IPs. That is, relatively speaking, you will not be able to watch CNN from a Russian IP. You will need to install a VPN, and then access will be open to you,” he explained Klimenko.

At the same time, he expressed confidence that it was impossible to prevent Russian residents from using the Internet within the country. “If we are talking about the Internet inside Russia, then no one can forbid it to us. We will have access to our own resources, to Sputnik radio, for example,” Klimenko said.

“That is, if the Americans tomorrow … cut all the cables, they will watch us on Rutube, on VKontakte, on Telegram. Therefore, we need to look in terminology. Can they cut us off from the foreign Internet? Yes, they can. I see such ways,” he concluded.

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