The largest cryptobourse has succumbed to pressure from the authorities. It also stops a certain type of trade for Slovaks

The Binance cryptomen exchange, which is the largest transaction and trade volume in the world, has been struggling in recent months with major problems with tightening regulations or even bans on operations around the world.

Derivatives trading on Binance in Europe is ending, it has already stopped in three countries

As the agency reported Reuters, the stock exchange said in a statement today that it will end the offer of futures and derivative products throughout Europe.

This step comes with immediate effect in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, where its clients are no longer able to open new futures contracts or accounts for derivative products. Customers from these countries also have 90 days to close their existing positions.

Futures and derivatives trading is currently operating in Slovakia, and it is not yet clear when these measures may be transferred to other European countries.

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Along with reports of futures and derivatives trading in Europe, the Malaysian Securities Commission today issued statement, in which she called on Binance to end all operations in the country within 14 days.

The regulator informed that the stock exchange operated in the country despite previous warnings, while the license to operate its services had not been officially allowed since the middle of last year.

Binance has been plagued by problems associated with pressure from regulators for some time, and we have only recently reported on cancellation of its own blockchainových tokenov, which allowed its clients to purchase fractions of shares of companies covered by real securities.

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The stock exchange is also in the sights of regulators for possible money laundering and tax evasion, for which it will be in May began to be investigated by US authorities. It has problems in several other countries, including Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom, where it received from the local Financial Management Authority (FCA) at the end of June. uncompromising stop order.

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Just earlier this week, the stock market continued informedthat will remove cryptomen pairs traded with margins for the Australian dollar, the euro and the British pound. Its CEO, Changpeng Zhao, also during the week statedthat he is willing to step down in order to improve relations with regulators.

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