Lightning payments at reduced rates through the Lightning network

Lightning payments at reduced rates through the Lightning network

The Lightning Network, seen as the future of bitcoin payments, is now easy to monitor. Lightning Labs has launched a new network analysis tool, called “Lndmon”, which network users can use to extract data about their node status and the rest of the network. The system provides colorful graphics that illustrate different aspects of the network, such as network charges or “channels” that a user has opened to send Lightning payments.

Through this graph, users can identify issues or learn how to pay the lowest fees when sending Lightning payments.

Lightning Labs announced that it plans to extend the system to multiple types of data and allow users to configure notifications when events of interest occur.

Huawei claims to create a cryptocurrency as a rival for the Libra

Huawei’s chief executive said it was the right time for the Chinese government to launch a cryptomon that would be a rival to the Libra.

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In an interview with L’economia, Ren Zhengfei CEO remarked that China has the ability to develop a proprietary cryptomon that is much more useful than Libra.

“China is able to issue such coins, why wait for the Libra? The power of a state is greater than that of an internet company, “

Zhengfei said.

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In May, the Chinese People’s Bank hired blockchain experts to expand investment in this area. In addition, some members of the central bank in China said the launch of the Libra could have a negative impact on the country’s economy.

Wang Xin, head of the Chinese People’s Bank Research Office, said the competition could push the country to issue its own national cryptomon.

Russia’s weapon makers are calling for bitcoin use to avoid US sanctions

Soyuzmash, Russia’s Machine Makers Union, has asked the Central Bank for permission to accept payments with Bitcoin and other cryptomonas for arms transactions. This method will help them circumvent US and international sanctions, according to their statements.

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Vice President Soyuzmash argued that the current arms market is competitive and payments are delayed for months. He argued before the state Duma defense committee that allowing Bitcoin payments could alleviate some of these problems.

Russia is the second largest exporter of weapons worldwide, controlling 21% of the market, following the US by 36%.

A recent report suggested that countries such as Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela might already have strategies on long-term cryptocurrency to avoid US sanctions and the hegemony of the dollar.

AT & T is not responsible for theft by SIM-swapping

AT & T is not responsible for the theft of $ 24 million in cryptomon, by SIM-swapping. The judge in charge of the Turbin vs. AT & T case rejected the victim’s allegation that the telephone operator is responsible for the losses suffered.

On August 15, 2018, US investor Michael Terpin filed a $ 224 million lawsuit against AT & T. He argued that the telephone operator had given hackers access to his phone number, which led to a $ 24 million cryptomonge theft.

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The judge said that Turpin’s complaint did not link the phone theft and the theft of cryptomonas. Although AT & T should have fraud prevention systems, they are not responsible for the losses suffered later.

AT & T’s lawyer argued that the losses were caused by an independent third party and also commented that an experienced crypto investor should not have held such large amounts in exchange as he was aware that his telephone number was compromised. Apparently, the losses suffered by Turipin have spread over a period of seven months, during which time his phone has been compromised twice.

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