Liquid immersion cooling technology developed by Midas Green Tech

Tehnologia de racire prin imersie in lichid

Blockchain company GoChain has announced that Lenovo Global Technology has become a network node operator.

As an operator, Lenovo will be one of 50 companies and organizations that will run specialized servers. They facilitate the Proof of Reputation (PoR) consensus algorithm on the GoChain network and validate the transaction blocks produced.

The GoChain network has the capacity to handle 1300 transactions per second and is based on the Proof of Reputation (PoR) consensus algorithm. The base token of the network is GO, and the nodes will be managed by a number of major companies.

Immersion cooling technology in liquid

The Lenovo node, the first of its kind, will support the GoChain blockchain and will serve as the official node that signs in the PoR consensus algorithm. It will be located in a data center that uses immersion equipment in special cooling liquids.

The liquid immersion cooling technology was developed by Midas Green Technology and is used by Blockchain Resources Corp to build the hosting of environmentally friendly servers. In one of these data centers will be the new Lenovo

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Lenovo has previously been involved in the implementation of blockchain technology in product development activities. He also worked for its application in internal work processes. In March 2018, Lenovo launched the new Lenovo S5 smartphone, which uses blockchain technology to make payments more secure. In addition, in June 2018, Lenovo joined Hyperledger.

“We are extremely proud, not only that Lenovo has become a node operator, but also that we are part of a pioneering effort in green technology. GoChain was founded with a focus on technology adoption for the betterment of society and we firmly support their commitment to reduce energy consumption with liquid immersion cooling technology ”,

is mentioned in the GoChain press release.

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