Media: Bulgarians began to actively buy Turkish pellet fuel

ANKARA, August 29 — PRIME. Bulgarian citizens began to actively buy pellet fuel in Turkish Edirne due to problems with Russian gas supplies, the Akşam newspaper writes on Monday.

The Bulgarian government refused to discuss a new agreement with Gazprom

“While the gas crisis in Bulgaria is expected to deepen in the winter season, the Bulgarian population is worried about fuel and heating. Bulgarians who are thinking about how they will meet their heating needs during the winter months have found a solution in Edirne. Many Bulgarian citizens who will start using stoves again this winter have started to bring pellet fuel produced in Edirne factories to Bulgaria by truck. pressure, Bulgarian citizens fill the trunks of their cars with bags of pellets, returning to their country after daily shopping in Edirne.

Mehmet Orba, the owner of one of the pellet fuel companies, said that almost all of their customers are Bulgarian citizens.

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“We are facing high demand. We cannot meet the demand, so we buy from other companies. Citizens who come to Edirne for a day fill their cars with bagged pellets on their way back to their countries. They say that during the winter months they have there will be a turbulent period both because of the increase in natural gas prices and because of the problems in Bulgaria,” he was quoted as saying.

The situation with gas aggravated in the country at the end of April, when Gazprom stopped deliveries to the country due to non-payment in rubles under the new scheme.

On March 23, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the transfer of payments for natural gas supplies to the EU countries and other states that have introduced restrictive measures against the Russian Federation into rubles in order to stop using dollars and euros in calculations. Then he signed a corresponding decree and said that if unfriendly countries do not pay in rubles from April 1, then Russia will consider this a default on gas contracts.

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