Media: German police found a hole in the Nord Stream pipe

MOSCOW, 14 Oct – PRIME. German investigators studied images from an underwater drone taken at the scene of an emergency on the Nord Stream gas pipelines and found a large hole, the Tagesschau portal owned by the ARD media company reports, citing government sources.

Sweden, Denmark and Germany will not jointly investigate the emergency at Nord Stream

“The pictures show a leak with a diameter of 8 meters. According to them, this can only be the result of an explosion,” the report says.

As specified, the data has already been transferred to the Prosecutor General. Earlier, he opened an investigation on charges of “creating an explosive device” and “anti-constitutional sabotage”, involving the federal police in the process.

A gas leak on the strings of the Russian gas pipelines Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 was discovered on September 26 in the Baltic Sea. According to Swedish seismologists, powerful underwater explosions were recorded in the emergency area the day before. The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation initiated the initiation of a case on an act of international terrorism.

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Agence France Presse said, citing the Prime Minister of the Swedish transitional government, Magdalena Andersson, that Stockholm does not plan to allow Russia to investigate sabotage on gas pipelines. In this regard, the Russian Foreign Ministry made a demarche to the ambassadors of Germany, Denmark and Sweden, saying that it would not recognize the results of the investigation if Russian specialists did not participate in it.

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