Media: Germany considers the standby operation of nuclear power plants technically unfeasible

BERLIN, Sep 7 – PRIME. The operator of the Isar 2 nuclear power plant in Germany considers the standby operation, which was previously proposed by the German Ministry of Economy, technically unfeasible, Spiegel reported on Thursday, citing the document.

German business demanded a “clear signal” to extend the operation of the nuclear power plant

The proposal of the Economics Minister, Vice-Chancellor of Germany Robert Habek to leave two nuclear power plants in southern Germany as a reserve in case of a shortage of electricity in the winter in the document is called “risky and impracticable”, the newspaper writes.

Earlier, the Federal Industry Association of Germany (BDI) demanded from the authorities a “clear signal” to extend the operation of nuclear power plants, said that “the fact that the government refuses electricity from nuclear power plants during the greatest energy crisis in the history of Germany has a bad effect on energy supply and prices for energy.”

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The closure of two nuclear power plants in Germany in 2022 should be canceled in case of possible emergencies in the energy supply, the head of the Ministry of Economy, Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck said at a press conference in Berlin on Monday. He added that two nuclear power plants could be put on standby and start generating electricity in “a situation where it is needed.” Habek added that this solution is “acceptable and necessary” and it will be proposed by the Ministry of Economy to the coalition government of Germany.

It was originally planned that Germany would abandon nuclear energy in 2022. At the beginning of the year, three of the last six nuclear power plants were already shut down in the country. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has repeatedly said that the issue of prolonging the operation of the remaining nuclear power plants is being studied against the backdrop of a possible energy collapse this and next winter. Economy Minister and Vice Chancellor Robert Habek, who belongs to the Green Party, has spoken out against the continued use of nuclear power plants for electricity generation.

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