More than Half of BTC Owners in Europe Do Not Have Higher Education

More than Half of BTC Owners in Europe Do Not Have Higher Education

According to the latest BitPanda study, more than 50% of Bitcoin users in Europe do not have a university degree.

As part of the study were studied
data of men and women who own cryptocurrencies. It was found that about 54% of European investors cryptocurrency do not have a university education. In addition, 30% of them completed their education before the age of 18, 5% under the age of 16, and 19% completed refresher courses or have a college diploma.

As for the average age of investors, young people from 16 to 24 make up to 27% of the total number of owners of cryptocurrencies in Europe. At the same time, 33% of respondents are young people between the ages of 25 and 34. Pensioners also did not avoid the influence of new technologies, 5% of them own a form of cryptocurrency.

BitPanda reported that many characteristics of cryptocurrency investors were studied in the survey. In addition to the level of education and age, the company also examined the geographical distribution, ways of thinking and lifestyle preferred by the media and marketing points of contact of 20,000 investors of which 5,000 were from Europe. Bitpanda notes:

“While business leader surveys and special cryptocurrency polls have become commonplace, our report can rely on a much broader set of data to get a more comprehensive, detailed picture of the characters of men and women who own cryptocurrency.”

The company found out that most users of cryptocurrency live in London – 11.1% of respondents. “London is even superior to Zurich,” the report says. At the same time, researchers note that “in Switzerland, one of the highest levels of cryptocurrency in Europe and one of the highest in the world.”

As part of the survey, Bitpanda also found out that the number of Russian users of cryptocurrency is only 2% of the total number of cryptocurrency investors in the world.

According to a recent study
Grayscale, 36% of Americans are willing to invest in BTC, and as it turned out
SSRS, 4% of Americans choose cryptocurrencies for long-term investments. In addition, as shown by the analysis of Messari, 800 times more money is laundered in fiat currencies than in BTC.