Top 5 cryptocurrency trading bots in 2019

Top 5 cryptocurrency trading bots in 2019

Look at these top Cryptocurrency Trading Bots – If you realize that your trade lacks an attentive assistant, or you want to delegate part of the routine work, pay attention to trading bots, which, if properly configured, do an excellent job with their work.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are characterized by increased volatility. Cryptocurrency rates on them change quickly and quite unpredictably. Therefore, among technical traders such technical tools as trade bots are very popular. Bots help 24/7 keep track of quotes, avoid “surprises” in the form of financial losses, close deals faster and more efficiently.

A trading bot is software with special algorithms that analyzes cryptocurrency exchange data and provides additional tools for more efficient trading.

Bots were created to automate and facilitate the work of traders: you do not need to constantly sit in front of the monitor, tracking changes in quotes – you can simply set the parameters for the bot who buys or sells the currency for you. In addition, bots allow you to trade on several exchanges and several currency pairs at once. What to say about the superiority of the bot in the reaction rate – the program quickly and with high accuracy finds signals and places orders.

How to choose a trading bot?

Only by experience – try to trade with different bots. Many platforms have trial free versions that allow you to deal with the basic tools and working conditions of bots. Well, if you are already an experienced trader and you know what tools and opportunities you lack, choose a bot to suit your needs and financial capabilities. Compare packages of tools, cost, read reviews.

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To facilitate the process of finding “your” bot, we made a selection in which we talked about popular trading platforms.

Top 5 cryptocurrency Trading Bots


Cap.Club – cloud bot for manual and automatic trading 24/7 on Binance, Bittrex and Poloniex. Thanks to a simple interface on the platform, it is convenient for both novice and experienced traders.

There are 2 rates to choose from: free, which is not limited in time, but has a limit on tools and alerts; A paid PRO rate of $ 30 per month provides access to all platform functionality. No commission and additional costs.

Among the tools of particular interest is the visual strategy editor with flexible settings. It allows you to implement strategies of any complexity and logic without programming skills.

A number of trading instruments are responsible for efficiency on the platform: Trailing mechanisms for buying and selling; simultaneously running StopLoss and TakeProfit; signals to manage strategies; safety warrants.

To improve trading skills, any user can practice on a demo account that simulates trading on a real exchange.

If you switch to Russian or English Telegram channels of the platform, it is clear that the technical support team provides prompt answers to users’ questions and helps them deal with the problems that arise.

It will be easy for novice users to understand the basics of trading and platform functionality – training materials have been prepared for them: a knowledge base with helpful articles and a series of training videos.

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Cryptohopper is an automated bot that works non-stop, regardless of whether the computer is turned on or not. It supports most popular exchanges and offers a wide selection of cryptocurrency coins, up to 75 pairs can be traded at the same time

For professionals, manual tuning of the bot is provided, but for beginners, it will be interesting to trade using strategic models based on the recommendations of experienced traders.

The Cryptohopper is quite simple and nice interface, it does not take much time to deal with it.

In the free mode, the bot can be used for 7 days, after – the starting tariff with minimal possibilities will cost $ 19 per month, the most charged one – $ 99.



Gunbot is a cryptocurrency trading bot that supports a fairly large number of exchanges, while you can trade simultaneously on several. Registration on the platform is fast, after 5 minutes you can start working.

On the platform there are both ready-made strategies, and a large selection of settings with which you can create a strategy for yourself.

Unfortunately, Gunbot does not have a free trial version, and prices for bot payment start from 0.02 BTC. But there is a plus – you buy a license once and for all. No need to pay it every month.



3commas is another cryptocurrency bot. It works with many exchanges, including Bitmex, Bittrex, BitFinex, Binance, Bitstamp, KuCoin, Poloniex, HitBTC and others. On the platform, you can trade both in the web version and in the Android application (for iOS, trading is not yet provided).

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On the 3commas platform, you can trade using such tools as: Smart Trade with TakeProfit and StopLoss, Short and Long bots, portfolio balancing.

There is a free tariff, but significantly limited: you can only trade on Huobi Global, with a deposit of less than $ 750. The cost of the minimum tariff starts from $ 22, full-featured tariff $ 99.



Haasbot – a program for trading cryptocurrencies with support for Windows, MacOS and Linux, offers a large number of bots to choose from. Haasbot, unlike cloud bots, must be installed on a PC.

If you can program, you have the opportunity to “build” your own bot based on the Haasbot script bots, which are written in C #. For newcomers to trading, the Haasbot strategy predicts trends and gives advice.

Haasbot is not the cheapest trading bot, its cost depends on the parameters that the trader needs. Depending on the trading skills, the user can choose one of three tariffs. You can also select the period for which the license will be purchased: 3, 6 and 12 months. The minimum novice package is 0.025 BTC.

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