Named errors that kill your smartphone

MOSCOW, 15 Sep — PRIME. Smartphones for most Russians have become not only convenient and familiar, but already a necessary household item. These devices cannot be called cheap, and in order to extend their service life, it is worth following a few simple and not always obvious rules, Sergey Bodrov, head of the Center for Digital Expertise of Roskachestvo, told the Prime agency.

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First of all, it is necessary to properly charge the phone, the source said.

“Of course, by putting the phone under the pillow and leaving it on charge, there is a very real risk that the device will not receive proper cooling. This can lead to severe overheating of the smartphone, which in the worst case can damage the battery, which subsequently leads to a fire in the device “, he noted.

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Also, do not leave smartphones under the scorching sun, in severe frost or in conditions of high humidity. “Temperature fluctuations are not friends for your smartphone or laptop. Direct sunlight is especially detrimental to equipment: pixels can burn out on the screens under the influence of the sun, and the case of some low-quality charger may well melt, and the batteries inside the devices may swell or leak”, Bodrov said.

In the cold, the battery drains much faster, and the phone itself can “pass out” even with a high charge. “The device will “consider” a frozen battery as completely discharged. Warm up the device, bring it into a warm room or put it in your pocket – in 5 minutes the gadget will show signs of life,” the expert said.

Do not take your smartphone to the bathroom: not all smartphone protection standards take into account operation at high temperatures and condensation. “Moisture is likely to form inside the device as condensate, which will certainly lead to a short circuit of the motherboard, and this cannot always be repaired,” the speaker noted.

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The representative of Roskachestvo also noted that it is not worth “hammering” the memory of smartphones to capacity. “For efficient operation, the smartphone needs 6-8 GB of free memory,” the specialist summed up.

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