Named features that need to be disabled on the phone

MOSCOW, 17 Sep — PRIME. Not all devices and features that work in your smartphone by default are actually needed. Some should be disabled so as not to waste the resource of the device and – more importantly – not to distribute your data to those who should not, Denis Kuskov, CEO of the Telecom Daily agency, told Prime.

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What exactly needs to be limited when using a smartphone depends on the preferences and characteristics of a particular user. “I can only give general advice – if you don’t really need the location service, it’s better to disable it by default. In the background, it collects data for many applications that don’t need to know where you are at all,” he argues.

You can also minimize the default screen brightness – as a rule, it is excessive and makes you strain your eyesight. Auto-update applications should also be removed, as it consumes data and drains the battery. “On average, according to our recent study, an active smartphone user has about 100 applications in reserve, while he actively uses no more than 15-20 of them,” Kuskov cited an example.

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For any installed application, it is important to clearly define the range of data that it collects. Of course, this will not completely secure your personal information, since there are also dishonest app owners, but the risk is actually not that great. Select the data that you do not want to share with third parties, and uncheck the default checkbox during installation, the expert concluded.

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