New A8-7680 Carrizo APU from AMD for FM2 + socket

Nowe APU A8-7680 Carrizo od AMD na socket FM2+

It would seem that AMD will focus on the AM4 platform and Ryzen in terms of processor development. This is contradicted by the new APU A8-7680 Carrizo from AMD on the FM2 + socket, which has just appeared in the official company documents.

Information about the A8-7680 Carrizo had appeared before, but a single entry in ASRock’s BIOS update was not enough to take it seriously. Now, however, we can be sure that AMD will soon introduce the new APU … or silently launch them on the market without the unnecessary pump. It is not difficult to guess that the A8-7680 Carrizo will be aimed more at budget configurations. This is indicated not only by the outdated technological process on the 28nm computer components market, but also by the roots in the AMD Excavator architecture. The previously disclosed specification completes the whole. Not official, of course, but likely.

According to her, A8-7680 Carrizo will offer 4 physical cores without SMT technology support, accompanied by a base clock of 3.5 GHz and 3.8 GHz in Boost mode. The graphics system will also be the old Radeon R7 clocked at 1029 MHz, and the RAM side will be complemented by DDR3 support. TDP, in turn, will be 45W, and the only chipset that supports this APU will be A68. This is definitely an unusual game on the part of AMD, but maybe such a move is expected by the company’s customers?

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Source: TechPowerUp

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