New CEO Stefan Rust will speak to Russian blockchain and cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

New CEO Stefan Rust will speak to Russian blockchain and cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

Soon, Russian crypto enthusiasts will have the opportunity to personally hear the performance of Stefan Rust, recently appointed CEO of

Stefan joined the team six months ago as a global leader in corporate and business development. Ex-CEO of Roger Ver vacated this position in favor of the new CEO and will continue to work in the company as an executive chairman.

“I am very happy to take on the role of the CEO, carrying out his work side by side with Roger. Together we can include turbo speed in the development of our amazing team and massive brand, which is, ”Stefan commented on his appointment. continues to actively introduce new products and services for cryptocurrency users. So, in June, the peer-to-peer trading platform was launched, and in September it is planned to open a massive exchange platform with more than 50 trading pairs. The company has high hopes for Rust, believing that having such an experienced business leader at the helm will help the company not to turn off the right track and accelerate its progress.

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Intelligent, multi-language speaker Rust is a true talent in transforming advanced technology into commercial opportunities. For many years, he held leadership positions and launched successful companies, raising funds and building partnerships for developing a business in the field of mobile devices, the Internet of things, big data and blockchain.

It is also important that Stefan is one of the apostles of Bitcoin. He saw a huge potential in the innovative currency very early: in April 2012, he paid for the work of the developers he hired with bitcoins and held the first bitcoin-mitap in Hong Kong.

Prior to being appointed CEO of, Stefan founded and led startups like Exicon and SaaS. The latter was a mobile marketing automation platform for business and was engaged in the aggregation of mobile and social data in order to automate the attraction of mobile users. With him, Exicon built a network of 3,000 independent software companies, employing more than 30,000 software engineers working in hundreds of custom software projects to help develop more than 500 mobile applications.

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Stefan is also the honorary chairman of the Mobile Ecosystem forum, previously worked with Siemens, Lucent and Sun Microsystems, various industry organizations and startups around the world, and launched eight of his own technology companies.

On August 8, 2019, Stefan Rust will speak at Blockchain Baikal Summit, where the new director of is one of the most anticipated speakers. The blockchain summit to be held in Irkutsk, a kind of Mecca of Russian mining, will be dedicated to the most pressing issues of development of the international and domestic technology markets, promoting the spread of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the business environment.

The forum will focus on the problems and prospects of the mining industry, new trends in investing in cryptocurrencies, blockchain developers, representatives of marketing agencies and law firms will speak. In addition to speeches by speakers and discussion panels at the summit, it is planned to hold fascinating master classes, and in the exhibition area, visitors will be given the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest in technological solutions on the blockchain.