Nord Stream operation poses fire risk, Gazprom says

MOSCOW, September 5 – PRIME. Continued operation of the Trent 60 unit at the Portovaya station of the Nord Stream gas pipeline without repair is a risk, Gazprom said.

Gas prices in Europe closed trading with an increase of 11 percent

“Further operation of this gas pumping unit without eliminating the identified defects creates a risk of fire or explosion, that is, it affects the industrial safety of the entire station,” Gazprom’s Telegram channel says.

The company explained that the working surfaces in the axial compressor of a gas turbine engine in places where cable connections can reach temperatures in excess of 300 degrees Celsius, while the oil ignition temperature is about 288 degrees. She also noted that the operation of the unit in a faulty state is contrary to Russian legislation on the industrial safety of hazardous production facilities, which include the Portovaya CS.

“Such a leak was previously recorded, in particular, at GPU No. 14 (engine No. 120), progressed and had a more extensive character. The presence of this defect on several units indicates its systemic nature,” the company added.

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On Friday, Gazprom said that Nord Stream, previously shut down for three days for scheduled maintenance, could not resume operation due to an oil leak at the only working Trent 60 unit. Nord Stream has been operating with restrictions since mid-June, and from the end of July – only 20% of the almost 170 million cubic meters of throughput capacity per day. The Russian side emphasized that the decline in supplies was due solely to international sanctions, which caused problems with the maintenance and repair of Siemens gas pumping units. Recently, only one turbine provided work.

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