Novak spoke about the projects of Russia and Saudi Arabia in the petrochemical industry

MOSCOW, 14 Oct – PRIME. Russia and Saudi Arabia are discussing joint petrochemical projects both on Russian and Saudi territory, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said at the Russian Energy Week.

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“We, and Russian companies, are interested in implementing joint projects in the field of petrochemicals both in Saudi Arabia and in the Russian Federation,” Novak told Asharq News.

According to Novak, relations between the countries are developing very dynamically. As part of the work of the intergovernmental commission, almost all areas of cooperation are discussed, both in the field of energy and transport, as well as construction, and the social sphere. In addition, the countries have a road map. The Deputy Prime Minister noted that Russian companies are ready to support and work on exploration work in Saudi Arabia, as part of the repair and construction of thermal power plants, renewable energy sources.

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“We have cooperation in the oil and gas sector and plans for joint work on the development of equipment and the localization of relevant equipment. There is an investment Russian-Saudi fund, which finances projects mainly in the Russian Federation. But there are plans to implement projects in Saudi Arabia We have very good interaction,” he added.

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Novak also noted the growth of trade and economic turnover between the countries and expressed confidence that the level of political and economic relations that exist today will allow the countries to further increase cooperation.

Russian Energy Week takes place in Moscow on October 12-14. RIA Novosti acts as an information partner of the forum.

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