NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti GPU Mining: Ethereum Hashrate| Overclocking| Benchmark

NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti GPU in Ethereum Mining: Hashrate | Benchmark| Ethereum| Best/Optimization Settings| Power consumption – The line of GeForce RTX 20 graphics accelerators, based on the Turing architecture, delighted both miners and gamers with their functionality. 

But the use of new technologies led to an increase in the cost of the production process, which was reflected in the cost of the top models. The budget segment of gpu devices based on the new architecture is represented by Nvidia GTX 1660 and 1660 Ti.

Let’s take a look at what Ethereum mining is on the Nvidia 1660Ti card, as well as GPU features, its characteristics, cost, payback and overclocking parameters.

Nvidia GTX1660Ti GPU for Ethereum Mining: Specifications

Judging by the markings, the cards are released to replace the GeForce GTX 1060 GPU, let’s see how much better they are than their predecessor.

GPU ModelNvidia GTX 1660Nvidia GTX 1660 TiNvidia GTX 1660 SUPERNvidia GTX 1060
Process technology (μm)12121216
Number of transistors6600660066004400
Core frequency1530-17851500-17701530-17851506-1708
Memory frequency2001 (8004)1500 (12000)1750 (14000)2000 (8000)
Frequency of shrader units1530-17851500-17701530-17851506-1708
Number of shrader units1408153614081280
Bus and memory type192-bit GDDR5192-bit GDDR6192-bit GDDR6192-bit GDDR5
Memory bandwidth (GB / s)192.1288336192
Fill Rate (Mpix / s)856808568085680 
Fill Rate (Mtex / s)157100169900157100 
DirectX12 (12_1)12 (12_1)12 (12_1)12 (12_1)
Shaders model5.
Video memory, Gb6144614461446144
Connection interfacePCI-E 3.0PCI-E 3.0PCI-E 3.0PCI-E 3.0
Power consumption Watt120120120120
Nvidia GTX1660Ti GPU for Ethereum Mining: Specifications

If we compare the video card with the 1060, then the GTX 1660 has more computational and texture units, which is important for mining. Unlike the flagship cards of the 20th line, ray tracing and artificial intelligence acceleration do not work in inexpensive models, but these technologies do not play a special role in crypto mining.

Nvidia GTX1660Ti GPU for Ethereum Mining: Specifications

GPUs GTX 1660 and 1660 Ti may be of interest to owners of mining farms due to their relatively low price.

First, Nvidia released the GTX 1660 and 1660 Ti cards, and a little later, the NVidia GTX 1660 SUPER model appeared. This graphics adapter is an updated version of the 1660, replacing the older GDDR5 memory with the faster GDDR6. The rest of the NVidia GTX 1660 SUPER resembles the previous model. The same TU116 video chip, 1400 CUDA cores and 22 multiprocessor modules. The core frequency does not exceed the level of its predecessor 1500/1800 MHz, but the hashrate in mining is higher in the 1660 SUPER due to the faster video memory.

What is the hashrate of the 1660 Ti video card when mining Ethereum and other coins?

Hashrate is a unit of measurement that determines the processing power of a video card in mining. The higher it is, the better. The hash rate may differ depending on the coin the card is mining. Details are in the table below.

GTX 166020-25Mh / s90W37H / s90W12H / s90W2.1H / s90w 2Mh / s88W9.8Mh / s90W10Mh / s90W
GTX 1660 S25-31Mh / s110W39H / s110W16.790W3.2H / s90W0.26H / s90W 2.2Mh / s100W 13MH / s120W
GTX 1660 Ti24-31.5Mh / s100W47H / s90W12.5H / s90W2.4H / s90w 2.2Mh / s100W9,8MH / s90W 15-16Mh / s128W

As you can see, the Super and Ti versions give a better result, which is achieved by using modern fast GDDR6 memory. The hashrate depends on the vendor, but still the differences between them are at the level of 5%.

Which manufacturer has released the best 1660 Ti / SUPER for mining, what to choose:

  • Armor;
  • Palit;
  • Msi;
  • Gigabyte.

It is difficult to give a definite answer, because comparative tests have not been carried out, and it is unlikely that the graphics processor of any manufacturer will be seriously different from the rest. An interesting option is the GTX 1660 Ti made by Gigabyte with a proprietary Windforce 3X cooling system, but this is one of the most expensive models.

As practice shows, even identical video cards assembled into one mining farm have a slight difference in hashrate among themselves.

GTX 1660 Ti: Ethereum Mining , Its Profitability And Payback

Since the price of cryptocurrencies is constantly changing, it is difficult to say what the indicators will be at a certain time. But there are many working mining calculators on the network that will allow you to determine the potential mining income  on a video card at a specified electricity tariff. For example, you can use the service https://whattomine.com/coins . Current situation (June 22, 2021):

Coin nameGTX 1660Income ($) 24hGTX 1660 SUPERIncome ($) 24hGTX 1660 TiIncome ($) 24h
Ethereum (ETH) Ethash1.41.791.7
Equilibria (XEQ) CryptoNightGPU1.340.971.1
Ryo (RYO) CryptoNightGPU1.251.151.29
Firo (FIRO) MTP1.140.971.13
BitTubeCash (TUBE)CuckooCycle1.071.211.29

The most profitable in 2021 will be mining with Nvidia GTX 1660 Super or Ti on Ether.

As for the payback, with the cost of a GTX 1660 Ti video card at 65 thousand rubles and a daily income of 1.7 US dollars, it will be possible to recoup the cost of purchasing the card in 17 months. Not too fast. That is why buying these cards for mining now is not the most reasonable decision, it will take a long time to wait for the net profit.

But, if the cards have already been purchased earlier, and there are several of them, you can build a small farm, which will bring, albeit modest, but still income.

Ethereum mining on 1660Ti, 1660 Super and 1660: overclocking cards

When overclocking video cards, pay attention to the manufacturer. If it’s Samsung, you can raise the hash rate by 2-3 Mh / s more than on cards from other vendors:

  • Overclocking metrics 1660 for ether mining (ETH). The card in stock produces 20.3 Mh / s on the air, while the power consumption is 95 watts. To overclock the card, you need to raise the memory frequency by 900 MHz, and turn on the power supply to 70%. If it is not stable, the power supply can be raised to 75%. You can also lower the core frequency by 200-500Mhz, this moment needs to be tested depending on memory overclocking and consumption limit. After overclocking, 1660 produces 4 Mh / s more.
  • 1660 Ti Overclocking Figures for Ether Mining (ETH). At factory settings, 1660 TI outputs 23 Mh / s with a consumption of 95 watts. When overclocking the 1660 Ti for ether mining, raise the memory to the same 900 Mhz, and set the power limit to 75%. After overclocking, the 1660 TI produces 27-28Mh / s, consuming 110-115 watts.
  • 1660 Super overclocking metrics for Ether (ETH) mining. At factory settings, the 1660 Super delivers 28 Mh / s with a consumption of 95 watts. When overclocking 1660 Super for ether mining, raise the memory by 900-1300 Mhz, reduce the core frequency by 200-500 MHz and set the power limit to 70-75%. After overclocking, the 1660 Super produces 32-34Mh / s, consuming 90-100 watts.

To increase the hash rate, you do not need to alter the timings. Adjustment of the memory and core frequency parameters when overclocking a GOU device is carried out using MSI Afterburner.

The setting options depend on the memory manufacturer. The 1660 SUPER and 1660 Ti can be equipped with video chips from Samsung, Micron or Hynix. On cards with Samsung memory, the memory clock can be raised over +1000, while the core clock is either left at zero, or driven into a small minus (for example, -300).

Micron memory cards usually do not overclock more than +850 in memory, and the core is set to either 0 or a small plus (for example, + 50).

At first, the 1660 cards with Hynix memory were considered an unfortunate purchase option. Miners could not overclock them on air higher than up to 26 Mh / s, and the miner who got the 1660 Super graphics adapters with Hynix chips in the store immediately carried them back, and if they could not be returned, he bitterly cursed his fate. But only on some models the memory chips can be viewed without removing the top cover.

In most cases, you have to buy a card, carry it home and insert it into your computer. Then the Gpu-Z program starts and only then you can see what you got. However, craftsmen, in the end, found out that Hynix video memory does not mean a loss of profit at all. It is necessary to set the memory frequency for this card to -1004 on AF and it will give out about 31.7 Mh / s on Ether. Tested on two versions of Palit 1660 SUPER graphics adapters. In this case, leave the core at zero, and powerlimit +60. Raising the power limit has almost no effect on the hash rate, but it leads to an increase in power consumption and excessive heating of the graphics core. But on other mining algorithms, 1660 cards with Hyunix memory require a higher power limit, and sometimes even transfer the core frequency to a plus.

To reduce the 1660 Ti consumption in mining, set the Afterburner Power Limit of the video card in the range from 60 to 75%. To lower the core voltage:

  • Move the Core Clock slider all the way to the left.
  • Click on the three-step graph at the end of the line.
  • In the pop-up window, raise the beginning of the graph to the required core frequency.
  • Click Apply.

This will keep the voltage at 800 mV while increasing overclocking. However, sometimes the graphics adapter may not respond to changes to the Curve setting. If a particular gpu device has Samsung video memory chips installed, you’re in luck. Video cards with memory from this manufacturer hold up well overclocking and are easy to undervolt. But if the video card has a Hyunix or Mikron memory, it is not always possible to lower the voltage with the help of an afterburner. Then try the alternative.

You can lower the core voltage even further using the Nvidia Inspector. The program is not suitable for all video cards and is incompatible with other overclocking utilities. To configure overclocking and voltage, specify in a text file located in the program folder.

  • TIMEOUT / T – delay interval before starting the application;
  • SET FAN = cooler rotation speed;
  • SET VOLT = core voltage;
  • SET TEMP = target GPU temperature;
  • SET GPU – card id starting from zero;
  • -setMemoryClockOffset: – memory frequency (0,0,400 = +400 MHz).
  • -setBaseClockOffset: – core frequency.

Change the file extension to bat, create a shortcut and place it in your autorun folder. The standard path is C: \ Users \ username \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu \ Programs \ Startup.

If the farm is unstable, you need to identify the problem video card and increase the core voltage or reduce the overclocking. If the memory frequency is too high, the software usually freezes, and overclocking in the core leads to the rig stop. The raisers may need to be replaced.

Ethereum mining on 1660Ti, 1660 Super and 1660 overclocking cards

Performance of NiceHash Miner v1.7.5.12 Dagger Hashimoto video cards (Ether, Etherium, ETH, EtheriumClassic, ETC)

Comparison of video cards in NiceHash Miner v1.7.5.12, tests of video cards for Ethereum
mining It is useless to mine bitcoin now – this is a fact! But there are many bitcoin forks (altcoins) that have emerged thanks to blockchain technology – just like bitcoin once did. 

And this cryptocurrency can be mined on the GPU. But you have to hurry, until the era of POS mining or creep has not become so difficult that you will have to use only ASICs. Now you can, for example, “mine Ether” (Ethereum, ETH) using video cards – you just need to build a mining farmfrom several powerful video cards. You can also mine Expans, Decred and Siakoin, but which video card? Which video card will give the most profit? How many megahashes per second can a video card produce (the speed of mining cryptocurrencies directly depends on this)?

We decided to test video cards in order to make it clear to our customers which video cards are better for assembling a mining farm…. The test result will show which video card is the best right now, RADEON RX 470, RX 480, RX 570, RX 580, or should you choose NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, GTX 1060, GTX 1070, GTX 1080. Is 4 GB of video memory enough or for normal mining you need 8 GB of graphics card. We test NiceHash with a miner, which is simple, automatic selection of the most profitable pool and, importantly, has a built-in benchmark. Please note that the efficiency of video cards for mining also depends on their power consumption. So the calculator is in your hands. 

GTX 1660 Ethereum Hashrate Testing & OverClock Settings

GTX 1660 Ethereum Hashrate Testing & OverClock Settings


Among the models from Nvidia, you can hardly find the best option for upgrading or assembling a new farm.

The GTX 1660 SUPER graphics card is superior in price / performance ratio. The card is cheaper than the older version of the GTX 1660 Ti, but is almost as good as it is. Following the prices of Ether and other cryptocurrencies, the prices of video cards have skyrocketed. Moreover, the 1660 model is leading in terms of the growth rate of value, but, after all, Ethereum has also greatly increased in price, and this is not the ceiling yet. A farm of ten 1660 TI will earn you about 1250 rubles per day, but you can also assemble such a farm for only 500 – 600 thousand.