OKCoin will donate 1,000 BTC to cryptocurrency developers

OKCoin will donate 1,000 BTC to cryptocurrency developers

OKCoin cryptocurrency exchange has promised to donate up to 1,000 bitcoins to BTC, BCH and BSV cryptocurrency developers.

The exchange selected 11 developers and projects, including Jimmy Song (Jimmy Song), Luke Dashir (Luke Dashjr), Ben Wusley (Ben Woosley), as well as the Bitcoin Association and Bitcoin Unlimited. Donation volumes will be determined by cryptocurrency enthusiasts who will vote on who and how many bitcoins to transfer.

It is reported that for each vote, OKCoin will charge 0.02 BTC (or the equivalent amount in BCH and BSV) to the developer’s account. After the promotion ends on September 27, the funds will be transferred to the purses of the developers. Representatives of OKCoin noted:

“We are not going to oppose one project to another. On the contrary, the initiative is aimed at emphasizing the general history, various approaches and positions, as well as securing community support for those who are focused on creating and promoting projects. ”

Recall that recently the head of the social performance department at Ripple Ken Weber (Ken Weber) said that universities around the world need to expand the training program for blockchain and digital assets.