Patrushev called import substitution the main task in the context of sanctions

MOSCOW, 31 Aug – PRIME. The unprecedented anti-Russian sanctions of the West lead to the need for an early import substitution, including in the field of technology, said Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev.

Chernyshenko: Russia will achieve technological independence thanks to lighthouses

“The task of ensuring the speedy import substitution in almost all sectors of the economy and the subsequent achievement of technological independence in these conditions becomes a key one,” he said during a meeting in St. Petersburg.

According to Patrushev, the key areas for ensuring technological independence should be the production of domestic electronic components, including dual-use ones.

In addition, the chairman of the Russian Security Council stressed that the issue of budget financing for the creation of an innovative scientific and technological center “Primorskaya Dolina” at the educational and scientific base of the St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University (SPbGMTU) has not yet been resolved.

This center, according to Patrushev, was just created for the development of the domestic technological base.

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The Secretary of the Security Council of Russia added that the mechanisms operating in Russian science do not yet help to interest businesses in domestic developments.

“Analysis of the implementation of the decision of the operational meeting of the Security Council of the Russian Federation of December 12, 2019 shows that a system of organization and management of science has developed in Russia, which is not yet focused on generating demand for domestic results of intellectual activity, especially from business and industrial consumers,” he stated. .

According to Patrushev, most research organizations are not able to meet the demand of industrial entities for ready-made research and development solutions.

He pointed out that the trends in the development of modern science and the need for technological development of domestic industry require the creation of a comprehensive end-to-end “system for the development and implementation of research results.”

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