Peskov called the version of Russia’s involvement in the gas leak absurd

MOSCOW, 28 Sep — PRIME. Versions that Russia is behind the emergency at Nord Stream are stupid and absurd, the country has lost gas supply routes to Europe. This was stated by the official representative of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov.

The source said that Nord Streams is insured abroad

“It is quite predictable, and also predictably stupid to express such versions. I repeat once again, predictably stupid and absurd,” he told reporters.

The press secretary of the President of Russia stressed that Moscow, like Brussels, is not interested in such a situation. Russia has lost the supply route to the region, Europe is in a very difficult position in terms of energy security, he said.

Against this background, Peskov urged Western countries “to think, firstly, that first, before making any statements, you still need to wait until the moment of studying these breakthroughs. Determining whether this is an explosion or not an explosion.”

In addition, the Kremlin is sure that no one could get close to the pipes without getting into the field of view of the monitoring equipment of Denmark and Sweden. Peskov indicated that Russia is waiting for information on the accident from the authorities of these countries.

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The Russian leader’s spokesman also noted the profits of American LNG supply companies, which have significantly increased the export of raw materials to Europe.

“Do you remember the statements of the President of the United States, which were still made in early February, who promised then to get rid of the Nord Stream 2. We don’t know what the President of the United States meant. We see absolutely such, you know, hysterical euphoric reaction of the Poles who thank the United States for this. We also don’t know what this gratitude means,” Peskov said.

In addition, the Kremlin spokesman called for the cooperation of all parties to understand what happened and determine the damage.

“So far, of course, we see an absolute deficit of such a dialogue,” Peskov added.

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