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Radeon RX570 Nitro 8 GB video cards are very popular among miners, so they don’t stay long on the shelves. Accordingly, it can be concluded that this type of map can be used for profitable mining. Thanks to its powerful specifications and performance it helps to quickly recoup costs. However, before making the final choice, it is recommended to pay attention to a number of nuances.

Features Radeon RX570 Nitro 8 GB

rx 570 8gb hashrate

Model RX570 has several similar characteristics with the RX580 card, given the presence of factory boost and improved vendors. It also affects the cost. Despite the similarity, it is important to note that experienced users still stop their attention on 570 models from the manufacturer AMD. Regardless of the type of 570 cards, they have 1200 MHz core frequency. A number of vendors total more – 1300 MHz. Power is estimated at 150W. 

Today on the market you can see cards with memory sizes of 4 and 8GB. Their difference between them consists only in spaciousness. As for the frequency parameters, in this case they are the same. Equally important for miners is the overclocking indicator. Experts agreed that the card from the manufacturer Samsung. They are put on the most productive versions: Nitro or Sapphire. Regarding manufacturers such as Hynix or Micron. On average, the difference is 1-2Mh / s.

Calculating the average result (excluding firmware), you can count on the following indicators:

  1. Pascal 0.72Gh / s
  2. DaggerHashimoto 23.7 Mh / s
  3. Equihash 311 Sol
  4. Decred 1.24 Gh / s.

Speaking about the prospects of mining and which currency is most profitable to extract the most, it is worth noting ETH. The card is able to reveal its technical characteristics and show the maximum possibilities. 

If we compare the characteristics of the 500 model and 570, it is worth noting that the second option has lower power consumption characteristics, which has a positive effect on the size of the final profit. This indicator makes the card as popular as possible among the entire range from leading manufacturers. 

Increasing the hash rate of Radeon RX570 Nitro 8 GB

No modern video card can not be called a perfect option. For example, Nvidia manufacturers did not take care of the firmware, so after purchasing it, many users begin to solve this kind of puzzle. Firmware is needed in order to increase the hashrate. As a rule, after it the result is increased by 40-50%. The average hashrate in the factory state varies 18-21 Mh / s, which is a relatively low figure. Taking into account the cost of the card, this is a rather low indicator, and therefore it will pay off for a long time.

When using the Afterburner program, it is possible to increase the rate on average to 23-25 ​​Mh / s. Unfortunately, even this indicator will not save the miner from a long payback period (about 29 months). In this case, it is worth noting that AMD seriously loses the card from Nvidia. But the firmware can fix the situation. After the BIOS is reflashed, the card can be sharpened for mining and organize optimal overclocking. Do not forget to set the optimum timing, and the most appropriate frequencies. However, this is a process that requires certain knowledge, so miners rarely can perform it on the first attempt. For some users, it is possible to achieve optimal results only from the 10th attempt, which also does not always add optimism. But after the work is finished,

After the firmware is implemented, the user can expect to receive the following indicators:

  1. When using the Nitro, Asrock, Expedition model with Samsung’s memory, the hashrate index will be around 31.7MH / s
  2. Gigabyte Aorus / Gaming using Samsung memory figures up to 30.5Mh / s
  3. Asus loses a bit – 29.9Mh / s.

It is important to take into account that the above indicators are maximum as a result of the check, therefore, they should be guided during the selection process. As a rule, similar results are given to be achieved only on maps from the manufacturer Samsung. Regarding Hynix, this effect applies only to Nitro. 

Another option that can play hashrate is the choice of the operating system. Regarding Hive, it can provide stable performance, through additional functions: you can organize work with a flash drive without the need to connect the HDD, WatchDog firmware, as well as the convenience of monitoring workflow compared to Windows. Accordingly, the first version of the operating system is best suited for mining. 

How long can the Radeon RX570 Nitro 8 GB pay off?

Over time, the concept of payback begins to be used as a relative concept. This is due to the fact that the rate of extracted cryptocurrency also changes. As a rule, miners who are engaged in such activities constantly, try to control the situation and make appropriate adjustments. When they talk about 570 models, you can directly associate it with mining ETH. In addition, an equally important factor is the purchase price of the video card. Depending on the course of the coins, it also tends to change. The higher the rate, the higher the purchase price becomes. 

Power is another important factor that the miner takes into account when choosing a video card model. Even if you spend the worst version of the system BIOS firmware, you can get an indicator of at least 28 Mh / s. If the card will differ in stable operation, it is possible to expect a stable indicator of 2 Mh / s 7 days a week. Given the average cost of the card, you can safely expect an annual rate of 70-80%. If you keep the value of the currency at the peak of its course, then you can count on the fastest 100% payback during the year. However, it is also worth considering the complexity of the farm, the higher it is, the slower it will pay off. 

Card selection

First of all, it should be noted that in 2021 it will no longer be possible to mine the ETH with a 570 memory card of 4 GB. This is due to the ever-increasing size of the DAG file. Therefore, for users who are accustomed to forecasting ahead, it is important to take this moment into account. Regarding the same model, but with 8 GB, there will be no restrictions. 

Speaking about the total result of the 570 model, it is important to note that this is an economical option that is best suited for novice miners. This is due to the fact that energy consumption is relatively low, which means you can save a lot of money on paying bills. As a rule, vendors have an efficient cooling system. According to the testing, it is unlikely that the temperature index will go beyond 60 degrees. Due to the minimum payback period, this model is recognized as one of the best deals on the market. 

However, do not forget about the prerequisite – the presence of firmware. Otherwise, an indicator of more than 26 MH / s cannot be obtained at the factory settings. 

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