Putin and Siluanov are discussing changes to the budget rule, Peskov said

MOSCOW, 30 Aug — PRIME. Russian President Vladimir Putin is constantly in communication with Finance Minister Anton Siluanov on the issue of the budget rule, but no decisions have yet been announced, press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov said.

The Central Bank considered the parameters of the new budget rule to be too high

“I can’t tell you yet. But of course, the President and the Minister of Finance communicate constantly. This is constant communication as part of the work process. The fact that the communication was repeated is unequivocal. – or no decisions were announced,” he told reporters, answering the question whether Putin discussed the budget rule with Siluanov.

Earlier, the Russian leader instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to submit proposals for adjusting the budget rule by July 25.

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Siluanov said at SPIEF in June that the Ministry of Finance proposes a more flexible modification of the budget rule, taking into account prices, production volumes and exports of energy resources, while the transition to it will be gradual, while maintaining a soft budget policy until 2025.

Previously, the Ministry of Finance, within the framework of the budget rule, invested excess profits from oil and gas in foreign currency and in the NWF. However, in today’s conditions, when Russia can no longer buy the dollar and the euro, the Finance Ministry is ready to buy the currencies of friendly countries, and as a result, regulate the value of the dollar and the euro against the ruble through cross-rates, the head of the Finance Ministry noted.

In July, the Russian Ministry of Finance submitted proposals to the government on new parameters of the budget rule. Further work on its discussion and refinement was carried out at the site of the government of the Russian Federation.

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