Peskov commented on the suspension of the Nord Stream

MOSCOW, 30 Aug — PRIME. There are no problems with the supply of Russian gas via Nord Stream to Europe, said Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov. According to him, there is a guarantee that, apart from technological problems caused by sanctions, nothing interferes with supplies.

Europeans are paying for the absurd actions of EU countries in the energy sector, Peskov said

“Russia was and remains ready to fulfill all its obligations. European countries, Canada, the United States, Great Britain have imposed sanctions against the Russian Federation, which do not allow for normal maintenance and repair work, and also do not allow legal registration of the return of the necessary units of the units to their places of operation. There are no other obstacles in Russia’s fulfillment of its obligations,” he said, answering a question from journalists whether there is a guarantee that Gazprom, after suspending gas transportation for three days, will continue it.

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According to Peskov, the situation with the turbines for Nord Stream is caused by the irrational actions of the EU authorities.

“This (the situation with the Nord Stream turbines) just belongs to the sphere of those irrational actions of the Europeans, which are very difficult to understand and probably impossible to explain, but for which ordinary citizens have to pay a lot,” he said.

The pumping of gas through the Nord Stream will be suspended for three days, from August 31 to September 2, due to scheduled maintenance of the only working gas compressor unit (GCU) at the Portovaya compressor station (CS), which ensures the flow of gas into the main, said earlier company.

Now the line is operated by only one Siemens engine with a capacity of 52 MW. There are five such engines in normal operation and one is in standby mode. Plus, in both cases there is a hot reserve – two turbines with a capacity of 27 MW.

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The delivery of a turbine for Nord Stream to Germany after repairs in Canada does not meet the terms of the contract, Russia needs confirmation that this and other turbines that require maintenance will not be subject to sanctions from Canada, Great Britain and the European Union, the Russian embassy in Berlin said earlier.

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