QuarkChain Integrates Chainlink to Improve Smart Contracts on Blockchain

QuarkChain Integrates Chainlink to Improve Smart Contracts on Blockchain

QuarkChain works on a blockchain based on sharding technology. They announced today that they will work together with Chainlink. The latter is skilled in Oracle technology and Quarkchain wants to use this expertise so that companies and developers can more easily build smart contracts on their sharding blockchain.

QuarkChain & Chainlink – New Partnership@Quark_Chain the state sharding technology + @chainlink ‘s leading oracle technology = A better smart contract development experience for enterprises and developers.

➡️ Full details and announcement: https://t.co/5AI3Jhku1O

– QuarkChain (@Quark_Chain) July 26, 2019

Why Chainlink?

By integrating Chainlink, developers on the QuarkChain network can put their DApps and smart contracts in contact with external data. Not unimportant to enable business applications on the blockchain.

Although you may have heard of Chainlink in the last few months, the rate of their cryptocurrency had days when 70 percent profit was achieved, Chainlink can rely on years of experience. The company has been developing blockchain oracles for years, their work is admired by the world’s largest companies and they collaborate with parties such as Google, Oracle and the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT).

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Dr. Qi Zhou, founder and CEO of QuarkChain is also enthusiastic about Chainlink:

Chainlink is a leader in the field of blockchain and is working on real blockchain applications with technological giants such as Google. This is a groundbreaking development for blockchain to become mainstream. We are honored to work together with an excellent company such as Chainlink. In this way we can expand the Quarkchain smart contracts with transactions beyond the regular chain. In this way we touch even more areas of the daily lives of users.

About Quarkchain and sharding

Sharding is a nice word for dividing a database into smaller databases that are independent of each other. This is also called partitioning. By dividing these smaller databases can also be stored on different servers.

The splitting of the database is done because there are more and larger databases. As databases in storage and the number of transactions per minute increases, the time to request this data increases. And time costs money so sharding is definitely a way to save money. Through sharding, all this data can be distributed across different servers (around the world), so that data can be retrieved faster and costs can be saved on maintenance and energy, for example.

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Quarkchain uses sharding to solve the scalability problem of regular block chains.

And Oracles?

Orracles activate smart contracts by entering data, which can also be off-chain data. Once the conditions of a smart contract are met, the Oracle takes care of the execution and further processing.

Many DApps (decentralized applications) on block chains require smart contracts that call off-chain data to be able to execute. An Oracle builder ensures that the off-chain data is processed securely and correctly in the smart contract.

The associated chainlink cryptocurrency called LINK is in the top 20 in terms of market value. Quarkchain is in the top 150. Both can be traded for bitcoin on most major exchanges. So do you want one of these two coins? First buy bitcoin and send it to your favorite purse.

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