Razer Releases Amazing Vinyls For Their Laptops –

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If the Razer laptops are already a marvel in both hardware and design, if you want to go further, Razer releases some amazing vinyls for your laptops.

Made with 3M ™ custom cast vinyl for extreme durability and fused with cutting-edge adhesive technologies for an ultra-precise fit, Razer vinyls are decorated in a variety of eye-catching designs to express your personal style.

They are also made with the same premium wrap used in luxury vehicles, the new Razer Skins They can withstand extreme temperatures between -60 ° C and + 107 ° C, ensuring maximum durability while gaming and traveling with your laptop.

Personalize your laptop with a selection of bold, full-color prints, premium textured finishes, and metallic designs that show your loyalty no matter where you are.

Razer Skins is snap-activated for heat-free application and easy removal so you can customize your laptop without leaving residue or damaging the finish.

As thin as 110 microns, premium multi-layer cast vinyl offers stylish, water-resistant protection that reduces surface prints and scratches to keep your laptop looking fresh.

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At the moment the announcement is for the United States, its price will be around $ 24.99 and 59.99 dollars. We do not know if it will arrive in Spain at some point, if we do, we will update the news.