Rewards for viewing ads with the Brave browser

Rewards for viewing ads with the Brave browser

After more than four years of development, Brave 1.0 was officially launched on November 14th.
The new and first final version of the web browser is now available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

Brave 1.0 is based on Chromium, the same core that Google Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi and the new Microsoft Edge browser use. The final version offers multiple benefits even without taking into account the benefits of the BAT token.

Faster and more efficient than Chrome and Firefox

According to the official presentation, Brave “saves on average 27 seconds per page load compared to Chrome on MacOS and 22 seconds per page compared to Firefox”. It also “uses 58% less resources than Chrome to upload the same pages.” In addition, Brave uses less memory than Chrome or Firefox – “40% less memory used than Chrome and 47% less than Firefox.”

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Brave offers native ad blocking features and tracker protection, which improve page load performance and battery life.

The browser offers standard functionality such as data synchronization, Chrome extensions, or support for clear and dark themes. It also offers interesting features such as embedded Tor network, torrent web support or IPFS (Interplanetary Filesystem) integration.

Brave Rewards – rewards for viewing ads

The basic idea of ​​the Brave browser was to revolutionize the advertising industry through cryptocurrencies. Users have the opportunity to join the Brave Rewards program to receive Basic Attention Token (BAT) tokens as rewards for viewing ads.

In addition, they have the opportunity to directly reward preferred content creators, eliminating intermediaries and thus improving their interaction with them.

Currently, Brave has about 8.7 million users and over 400,000 registered content creators. Brave monthly users grow by about 10% every month, which suggests that the product is successful.

“We offer speed, low data consumption and extend battery life, along with data privacy”

explained Brave creator Brendan Eich briefly.

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Do you use Brave? What do you think about this new browser? Does Chrome still need to be used?

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