Rostelecom received a contract to provide resources to Gosoblak

MOSCOW, 24 Oct – PRIME. The Ministry of Digital Transformation signed a contract with Rostelecom for 7.9 billion rubles – the company will provide computing resources for Gosoblak, while Rostelecom has been providing the relevant services for three years, this purchase is only an expansion of the volume of contracts, follows from public procurement materials and the company’s comment .

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The contract was concluded on October 18, 2022, and its execution date is set for December 31, 2024. The price of the contract is 7.926 billion rubles. The subject is “performance of work … in terms of the provision of services for the provision of computing resources of the state unified cloud platform”

The agreement was concluded as part of the implementation of the federal project “Digital Public Administration” of the state program of the Russian Federation “Information Society”, approved in 2014.

Rostelecom and our subsidiary Rostelecom-DPC have been providing digital infrastructure and computing power to Gosoblak under a contract with the RF Ministry of Digital Development for three years. This purchase represents an expansion of the volume of current contracts due to an increase in the volume of services provided,” Rostelecom’s press service told RIA Novosti.

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At the end of 2021, the Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation proposed to consolidate the concept of “state cloud”, or “state unified cloud platform” in Russian legislation. The ministry defined the state cloud as “a set of unified cloud services” provided by independent vendors.

The transfer of government systems to a cloud platform is intended to save resources for maintaining their own IT infrastructure, and in the future, the “state cloud” should become the infrastructure foundation for the development of e-government and ensure data security, including through the use of predominantly Russian software and equipment.

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