Russia will present a record number of developments in the field of energy in Paris

MOSCOW, 29 Aug – PRIME. The Russian delegation began work at the 49th session of CIGRE, which takes place from August 28 to September 2 in Paris. The main theme is energy transition. The scientific part of the event included 44 reports by domestic experts – a record for almost 100 years of our country’s partnership with the organization, Rosseti reports.

“The rapid development of technology, the growing dependence of consumers on the quality of power supply are issues that have not only a technical, but also a humanitarian dimension. For more than a hundred years, CIGRE has been the most representative and professional platform for international scientific and technical cooperation in these areas, and from the first years our the country occupies a leading position here,” said Andrey Murov, First Deputy General Director – Executive Director of Rosseti, Chairman of the Russian National Committee of CIGRE.

He pointed out that at the current session, despite external restrictions, interest in the achievements of the Russian energy sector, expertise, and science-intensive solutions remains very high. Participants will discuss new requirements for equipment, changing methods of planning and designing power systems, as well as possible synergies between various sectors of the industry. In addition, there will be a leadership forum dedicated to the transformation of business in the energy sector.

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The International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE) brings together scientists and practitioners in the field of energy from more than 90 countries. The objective of the CIGRE session, which is held every two years, is the exchange of technical knowledge and experience. Traditionally, the session includes a technical exhibition, where this year domestic enterprises present the latest cable equipment, monitoring systems, lightning protection solutions.

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