S7 Airlnies Generates $ 1 billion in Sales on the Blockchain Platform

S7 Airlines Generates $ 1 billion in Sales on the Blockchain Platform

According to an announcement from S7 Airlnies, the blockchain platform used for the ticketing system has recorded sales of $ 1 billion in a month. S7 developed this platform in collaboration with Alpha Bank last year. Based on Ethereum technology, the new ticketing system has greatly reduced the processing time of ticket sales.

Russian airline S7 Airlnies generates $ 1 billion in sales on blockchain platform

Using blockchain technology allowed the airline to securely connect its ticket booking system to the banking system. This has facilitated payment processing and reduced the amount of traditionally processed documents required.

The project shows that blockchain “creates value and is largely decisive for the B2B market,” commented Pavel Ryazanov, transaction manager at Alfa-Bank.

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Possible listing on Canaan Creative

According to an IFRAsia report, crypto mining hardware manufacturer Canaan Creative has filed documentation for an IPO in the United States. According to unnamed sources, the Chinese company is trying to raise $ 200 million through listing.

A report from Bloomberg in January also suggested that the Canaan IPO could be launched in New York, although the trial was in its infancy at the time.

Canaan – the Avalon mining producer – had previously tried to list on the Hong Kong stock exchange, but lowering the price of cryptocurrencies led to this idea being dropped.

BitMEX launches crypto Rain exchange in Bahrain

Founded by BitMEX Ventures, the Rain cryptocurrency exchange was launched in the Middle East after receiving regulatory approval from the Central Bank of Bahrain.

The new exchange received the Crypto-Asset Module (CMA) license from the Central Bank of Bahrain. The license was granted after two years of tests in the sandbox organized by the financial institution.

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BitMEX CEO and co-founder Arthur Hayes emphasized the importance of crypto ramps in developing countries:

“Being the first licensed cryptocurrency exchange in the Middle East, Rain has an unprecedented opportunity to harness the incredible potential for cryptocurrency transactions to bring to the region. We believe that Rain will bring greater diversification for Middle Eastern traders, with its exchange offer and experienced team. We are pleased to contribute to this defining moment. “

China publishes 13th top of crypto projects

The Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China has launched the 13th update of the crypto project rankings. The total number of classified projects increased to 37, with the addition of Cosmos and Zilliqa.

EOS remains at the top of the leaderboard, followed by Ethereum and TRON, which dropped to third place in this edition. NULS and GXChain complete the first five positions.

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Bitcoin is now 11th, up one place from May. Bitcoin Cash also climbed from 29th to 26th.

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