Sales results of AMD processors and growing market share

Sales results of AMD processors and growing market share

It may not be the most precise information, but at least it is. According to the statistics of one of the German stores and the latest Steam survey, AMD sold significantly more processors in April and increased its market share.

At the beginning, however, it is worth noting that the sales result includes only the Mindfactory store, and not the whole world. According to the chart provided, AMD recorded a several percent increase compared to previous months (47%), but they still haven’t beaten the interest in Intel chips (53%). The reason for this is obviously simple. From the beginning of this year, customers have been waiting for the premiere of the second generation of Ryzen, and the others have been tempted by the promotional prices of their predecessors. Interestingly, the first Ryzenes from the camp enjoyed the greatest interest “red“And the most efficient Coffee Lake systems from”heavenly“. Details here:

The Steam platform has also seen an increase in popularity of AMD processors. In a regular user hardware survey, interesting data was collected, according to which AMD increased its market share from 11.15% to 15.96% in the course of March. Compared to the first month of 2018, this is even a doubling of the results (with an 8% share). However, please note that these statistics only collect hardware data of Steam users who have consented to it. Therefore, the Steam Hardware Survey is imprecise and usually understates AMD’s statistics. Anyway, see for yourself:

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