Samsung gets Intel 14nm orders for motherboard controllers

East Asian media reports that Intel has shifted 14nm component production to Samsung. We are talking about I / O controllers for motherboards or south bridges. The production will be carried out by a factory in the USA, located in the capital of Texas – Austin. Samsung’s Austin factory plays a significant role in securing orders from American tech companies. For the first time, probably, this news appeared on KED Global resource… The data has not been officially confirmed.

At the moment, it is still not completely clear what orders and what contractors Intel will give. According to some reports, the company has already achieved success in negotiations with TSMC on the production of processors based on the 5nm process technology. As reported by the resource TrendForce, the Taiwanese contractor will be engaged in the production of not only budget Core i3 models, but also more productive solutions.

Later it became known that Intel hoped to keep its processor production. In the latest news on HardwareTimes it also claims that Intel has not yet entered into any contracts with TSMC for the production of 5nm process technology. Perhaps the confusion is also caused by the active work of the new CEO, whose new plans do not quite coincide with the previously set course.