Samsung has released a new set of tools for developers dApps

Samsung has released a new set of tools for developers dApps

Samsung has announced the release of a toolkit for developers of decentralized applications on the blockchain (SDK), which will facilitate the creation of solutions for Galaxy smartphones.

As reported
Business Korea, Samsung Electronics has reached yet another important milestone in its commitment to work with distributed ledger technology (DLT). The company introduced the Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK at the Samsung Developers Conference 2019, held in San Jose in late October. According to the Samsung team, the release of the new SDK will help developers overcome the security problems and difficulties associated with the development of highly functional dApps.

The team hinted that the new SDK will allow blockchain-based web applications to run on mobile devices without any problems, as well as provide users with enhanced security, enhanced private key management capabilities using Ledger and Samsung Blockchain Keystore.

Samsung also claims that the new SDK will allow developers of decentralized applications to contribute to the growth of the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry by creating applications that support cryptocurrency payments and much more.

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Interestingly, the SDK gives Samsung Galaxy users the ability to quickly download all kinds of dApps directly from their mobile devices, as it connects dApps to the Galaxy App Store via the Samsung Blockchain Wallet.

At the end of last month, South Korean Samsung added
support for TRON cryptocurrency transactions in its Samsung Blockchain SDK toolkit. Recall that in the summer the company announced
on the release of a beta version of the Dapps developer toolkit on the Ethereum blockchain.