Satellite communication system “Gonets” was left without competitors

MOSCOW, 23 Oct – PRIME. The volume of traffic transmitted by the Gonets satellite communication system has increased against the backdrop of the withdrawal of foreign companies providing similar services from Russia, Pavel Cherenkov, general director of the Satellite System Gonets enterprise, told reporters.

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“These devices are in great demand, they have become doubly in demand due to the departure of many satellite systems from Russia for obvious reasons,” Cherenkov said after the launch of the Soyuz-2.1b rocket with three Gonets-M satellites and the Skif-D satellite. “.

“This year we already feel a significantly increased amount of traffic that is transmitted through our system. More customers are coming … We expect even more growth in the coming years, we are preparing,” he added.

Now, according to Cherenkov, the demand for the services of the Gonets satellite system has grown significantly, and the launch of three new satellites will increase the speed of data transmission.

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The general director of the enterprise specified that the satellites would be able to provide services in about a month. This time will be spent on putting them into orbit and carrying out other preparatory procedures.

He recalled that the services of Gontsov are used by transport companies, as well as other companies that transmit data, for example, oil and gas companies, as well as ships, including those on the Northern Sea Route.

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