Scholz ruled out the possibility of stopping Russian gas imports to Germany

MOSCOW, Sep 2 — PRIME. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, during a conversation with fellow citizens in Essen, Germany, rejected the possibility of Germany stopping gas imports from Russia, despite the fact that only small volumes of it are now being received, he explained that one should not unnecessarily complicate one’s life.

Scholz believes that Germany will cope without Russian gas supplies

“The European Union has not imposed sanctions on gas imports, primarily because of Western European countries, not primarily because of Germany … others cannot find an alternative so quickly,” Scholz said, answering the question why Germany “just will not close the “Russian tap.” The chancellor’s conversation with his fellow citizens was broadcast live on the official portal of the German government.

Scholz added that Germany made timely decisions affecting, for example, the filling of German gas storage facilities, the launch of coal-fired power plants and the construction of LNG terminals.

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“Since we took care of this and were able to build it all, now we can say that we will overcome this situation (with the issue of gas supply). But it will be more difficult to do if we refuse what, although in small quantities, but comes ( from Russia) We should not unnecessarily complicate our lives, this is my personal conviction,” said Scholz. At the same time, he added that, nevertheless, Germany must expand its gas import infrastructure in order to never be dependent.

According to him, pipelines are needed from southern Europe, for example, from Spain and Portugal, which will also link Germany. “It would be much easier if there was a pipeline that has been abandoned for many years – now I expect it to be – through France, perhaps through Italy … and then we will see changes if the countries of southern Europe find new sources (of gas imports) — from Africa, near Asia, from where they can get gas, without the participation of Russia, this will support both the world market and us,” the chancellor concluded.

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Scholz is holding a series of dialogues with his fellow citizens, during which he plans to visit all 16 federal states of Germany. The first of these meetings have already taken place this summer in Lübeck, then in Magdeburg. On Thursday, he spoke with his fellow citizens in the city of Essen. Dialogues with the chancellor usually take place in the format of a town meeting.

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